The 2016 San Pellegrino 50 Best in Latin America list is out

#13 (El Baqueano) is one of my favorite places to eat, anywhere. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in a visit next week.
#26 (Aramburu) is ok (more popular than 13, but not in my book). Notwithstanding this, his more casual place around the corner, Aramburu Bis I liked a lot.
#50 (Pura Tierra) is good, but that’s all I’ll give it after 3 visits. Regular menu probably more enjoyable than tasting menu.
I will have to finally check out La Cabrera (#33) at some point, because the overall parrilla quality is in the dumps.

Thanks for this. Just back from Rio but we just hung out at old faves. Will have to check out some on this list next trip

Just got back from a trip to CDMX in the past month. Pujol was improved from my last visit two years prior (and two years ago was fantastic) and Dulce Patria was crazy delicious. I just don’t get the love for Biko, which is constantly getting lauded. It was weird and unremarkable flavor wise. Nicos is most certainly bookmarked in my mind for the next trip.

I had a fantastic dinner at El Baqueano last night. It was the most “heavy on things from the sea” that they’ve ever offered, and most of it worked quite well. A good mix of tastes and textures, along with a lovely rose (for most of the meal). After that bottle was done, we each had a glass of a red to go with the bacon-wrapped rabbit. Prices are up a bit - now $950 for the meal (tax is included, and so is water - they added their own filtration system for still y con gas). The two of us were out of there for about $2800 ($3000 would have been just under US$200), which included the meals, one bottle of wine, 2 glasses of wine, and 2 glasses of dessert wine.