The 25 best classic diners in Los Angeles

So, the L.A. Times did a list of the 25 best classic diners in Los Angeles. It’s a fool’s game, right, because who could really say? But it’s a fun list.

Before today, I’d actually been to 13 of them. Now it’s 14.

I grew up in Granada Hills and my mom still lives there. But neither of us had ever heard of Joyce’s Coffee Shop and Restaurant until today, even though the family has been in the same house in the Valley for 47 years and have driven down Reseda Boulevard probably 10,000 times. It’s right there, on a nondescript block of Reseda that we’ve passed by countless times.

It’s tough to rate a restaurant on the first visit. But I would be remiss if I didn’t let y’all know that Joyce’s makes a damn good coffeeshop burger and has excellent onion rings and fries. The key lime pie is house made and really good, topped with homemade whipped cream.

I had the mushroom burger with avocado added, my mom went for a double bacon burger on sourdough. She’s 82 and hard to please and she loved it. We’ll definitely be back to try the breakfast. We got to meet the owner (Michelle, she and her husband bought the place in 2018 according to the Times. Her husband mans the flat top. He was there, too.)

How many of the 25 have tried?

For what it’s worth, Teddy’s Cafe could have been on the list, IMO.

Joyce’s Cafe
8826 Reseda in Northridge