The Alley - Opening in June

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Popular bubble tea spot known for their brown sugar milk boba is set to open in June!! Might be a bit basic for this forum but thought I would put it out there lol.

Coco’s also now has their version of the brown sugar milk called the Lava Pearl Latte. I saw it at my local Coco’s neat GCT and the bubble batch times are 1pm, 3pm, and 6pm. They seem to sell out by evening though - they were out last two times I came by at 9pm. womp

Alley looks really good, hopefully lives up to the pics.

Fingers crossed! Planning to try the brown sugar milk at Yifang in Flushing this weekend so I can compare to Coco’s too. :smiley:

Do report back!

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@jntcho so how was it?

haha you remembered!! i actually tried to go during their soft open but they closed 30 min early that day and i missed it -____-

i have been to tiger sugar in flushing though! it was great. i really like the bubbles. but at the end of the day it is just brown sugar milk ahha

looking forward to trying the alley though. the creme brulee and matcha look interesting.

Creme bruleeeee :yum:

Diabetes here I come

@jntcho it’s all your fault :triumph:

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Woohooooo! I LOVE the boba guys matcha strawberry!! Good with regular milk or oat milk. Their bubbles are still my favorite in the city. How did you like them?!!

I realized I never reported back on Yifang - it was good but Tiger Sugar is better! Not too sweet, v interesting brown sugar flavor. I saw that they are expanding so it should be easier to try now but not sure if I would go over TS. I might like it better than Alley though.

I did actually go to The Alley today and tried the creme brulee! It was ok, but definitely not worth the 1300+ cals it says it is. I’m not sure what goes into it to make it that high, it doesn’t taste like it. I do however want to try the Royal No 9 milk tea - a blueberry fragranced black tea that a lot of reviews raved about.

The bubbles at Alley were oookay. Very heavy brown sugar taste but they get hard quickly compared to other places. I definitely prefer Tiger Sugar’s bubbles or Boba guys, both are softer and have more complex flavor.

Recently I had the Green Float at Bibble & Sip in midtown west (also have a location in Chinatown) and wow that is one of the best matcha drinks I’ve had! Matcha with jasmine syrup and topped with a salted vanilla cream. Jasmine is subtle, cream is delicious. Heaven

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I didn’t think I’d enjoy the boba guys strawberry matcha, on paper just didnt seem to make sense but it worked :smile:.

Btw the Tiger Sugar I went to is the new location on Canal St. So no need to head over to Flushing.

You’re not helping my sugar aversion… this is bad setup for my upcoming trip to Taipei. These darn things are going to be on every street corner.

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Lol! I too was expecting the strawberry matcha to be an overhyped IG aesthetic drink but it’s actually really good.

Yess I plan to go to the chinatown tiger sugar soon!