The Beef Roll from 101 Noodle Express at Westfield Culver City

Not in the SGV, but it certainly tastes like the SGV… (pictured with a bed of scallion pancakes)


As you may recall from prior discussions, 101 Noodle Express has a central kitchen and the discussion/speculation was how much of the preparation/finalization was done locally. I agree with you from my most recent visits to Culver City that the beef roll there is pretty much the same as the SGV. So perhaps the central kitchen concept has been successfully implemented.


what abouts the fucking dumplings ???

I sorely miss Café Creole in the Fox Hills Mall.

Anyone happen to know if it resurfaced ???

by the way, chadvals will you be taking one for the team and hitting up the fucking kosher Chinese-Japanese restaurant ???

thanks man.

Thanks for the update! Maybe I can hit up 101 Noodle Express for a beef roll and then Mitsuwa on the way back for some soft serve…

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Had the chicken egg rolls at O’Woks. Surprisingly order was large enough by itself. Not surprisingly it was terrible.

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Now that sounds like good chowhounding. Oops I mean FoodTalkCentral-ing (?!)…

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The place wasn’t busy (I was one of only 2 customers waiting for orders), yet it took 10+ minutes for my order to be fulfilled. At a mall food court.

Don’t get me wrong - I didn’t mind the wait. But if all they had to do was heat up existing pieces of the puzzle and assemble, well then it shouldn’t have taken so long.

It tasted fresh, tho…

For a long while the beef rolls were really dried out, glad to hear that’s no longer the case.

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The mall location had some initial hiccups (a couple of years ago), but the manager of the Alhambra location was deputized to CC to run operations, provide training etc. for a good 6 months. Since then, the quality has been good. The beef rolls are indeed made fresh, and the dumplings are tasty. The soups may originate in the central kitchen (I’m not sure) but sadly they do not have handmade noodles. Overall, it’s great for the location.

Just went today. Definitely not dried out. The “wrap” part seems thinner and more delicate than I remember, but my memory could simply be wrong (haven’t had one for at least 1-2 yrs). As ediner says, dumplings are also good (but noodles were kind of gummy and mushy). Truly, it makes me so happy to have that level of Chinese food at a decent price relatively close to home!

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The only thing I do not like is the dumpling menu is so small. We make the pilgrimage from SM once a week so I can get my roll on. It’s a great value for the price. Huge portion.

Could it be that they just upped the portion of hoisin (or faux oyster) sauce in the wrap?

Nah, that “extra hoisin” trick don’t work with me. It’s actually a better product.

I specifically asked for “easy on the hoisin sauce” (and they presumably obliged). Still thought it tasted good and was virtually indistinguishable from the SGV.

@Gr8pimpin: what kind of dumplings are you looking for? They’ll boil (rather than pan-fry), if you ask. :smile:

I am always tickled at how, in a pretty diverse food court, they actually draw a good amount of people every time I’m there (Which is often as I have a severe Target problem). Although, I too find their beef roll tasty, I hardly even order it because it’s SO HUGE! When they opened they had Beef roll combos. Now, they sell the roll separately and it’a more than enough for one person’s lunch all on its own! They also seem to be killing it with their Boba side business. Almost every tray I saw go out today (I usually get a salad at the Stone Oven right in front of it) had their Bobas (It’s 2 for 1 so bring a friend or come thirsty)


Do they have that crazy good green condiment?

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for comparisons sake, I managed to snap this photo at beijing pie house while there was still a piece left…

I thank my fellow F’kers for introducing me to that spot … been a lot of lamb and scallion pies and homeland meatcakes under the bridge since…


What is this “SO HUGE” you speak of?

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@Dommy: My partner and I nearly finished 2 whole beef rolls + an order of dumplings + beef noodle soup. I could easily eat a whole beef roll myself. But I must admit that I had quite a stomach ache from overeating last night. :frowning: But it was worth it!

@CiaoBob: Don’t recall seeing that, but I wasn’t looking for it. Is it the Chinese version of chimichurri?

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