The Best Jewish Food in Los Angeles | The Nosher

Legit list?

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Pretty solid. Left out Brents?? Canters is not the best. But overall pretty good. Need to check out some of those Persian spots.

Left out Greenblatt’s, too. Nate N Al’s for best matzo ball soup in the city? Puh-lease.

Doesn’t appear the list is making the grade :pensive:

i read through the article and see little reason to challenge the author’s opinion except for the use of the word best in the title .the author is reasonably clear about why each selection was chosen. however the reasons contradict each other as it’s not always about the food quality nor its adherence to tradition as long as it’s kosher. as such i’d suggest that the author is also trying to convey a depth and breadth that embraces a heritage yet also acknowledges evolution.

I understand that this is a short list and not exhaustive by any means…


Personally I do not get the love for Wexler‘s, Nate And Al’s or Canters. I mean, you may as well add Izzy’s

Brent’s should be on every list, and for Jewish bakery, what about Bea’s or Diamond.


Agreed. Canters straight-up sucks compared to Brent’s, Greenblatt’s, Langer’s, and I’m sure others I haven’t gotten around to trying. Canters is an institution, and they’re always open…but the food? No way.

I won’t knock Nate N Al’s matzo brei, but their soup definitely isn’t the best in this city by a long shot.


The best things at Canters are the pre-cut fruit bowls and the rugelah. Everything else is meh.

Reading the article, I think it more serves as a survey of the types of stuff that’s out there. The title says best, but I think it works best as an introduction to all the different forms in LA.

Gotta stand up for Hatikva (formerly Star Falafel) for falafel tho

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