The Best of Yelp

Looks like that’s actually a review of Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery at Guido’s, which I presume took place in the private room. Waiters were likely not the regular dining room staff.

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Not to derail this thread with Harry’s Berries anymore than it is, but Harry’s Berries are importante. I get these as an add-on with my farm box. Not quite peak as getting them directly at a farmers market, but still delish, on sale and I don’t have to leave my home at 7:30am on Sunday to have them.


Locale also delivers them.

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I’m retracting this statement, lol. In retrospect I’ve gotten some pretty sad looking HB at farmers markets before, so I think delivery HB are about the same. It just depends on how long they’ve been sitting.

Just, wow, and sad.

Oh no! Looks like SM closed but the other locations are still open.

I’ll just leave this right here

That’s a lot better than the usual Yelp-based list.

I finally got to try Pequod’s in December.

this dude, @hal, blatantly plagiarizes his yelp reviews.



Also cutting-&-pasting without attribution from the Dan Tat thread, as I recall…

Out of curiosity, I ran the yelp review through an AI detector: It says there is 68% likelihood of AI authorship.