The Big Island: Suggestions?

Going next month. Any suggestions for a lunch somewhere between the volcano and Kohala? Any other thoughts? TIA. Mahalo.

Had not been to the Big Island for over 20 years. This time spent 2 nights in Kilauea Lodge and 4 at the Mauna Kea. Never spent the night at the volcano before. Not bad for a place with no beach. The Kilauea Lodge has good food and wine and has a bit of the folksy/funky feel of old Hawaii. The seafood was quite good. Ate at Volcano House. Similar take on food, maybe a little more expensive. Sadly, no view of the warm glow from Kilauea due to atmospheric conditions. Can’t exactly put my finger on it, but somehow the cuisine at the high end places seems more like 80s California Cuisine than Hawaiian.
Well, hiking Kilauea Iki and exploring the Thurston Lava Tube was fun.
The Mauna Kea has gone upscale–more rooms, with TVs now, no poo poo platters or slack key in the lounge anymore (prerecorded classic rock and country rock and poke), but still a beautiful beach. Similar take on the food. Didn’t think the locally raised lobster had flavor. Good drinks. Crazy glitzy Luau with so-so staples (pig, poi, lomi lomi salmon, chicken long rice) and whatever else you want.
Drove up Mauna Kea to the visitors center in hopes of a good view of the stars, but alas, more atmospheric issues. Had some good instant hot chocolate (it’s cold 9,000 feet up there).
So, the high point was the beach, followed by hiking Kilauea Iki (even though there was wind and some rain). The food was decent but nothing that popped. The Bento Box at the Mauna Kea breakfast was a good treat though. Aloha.