The Brentwood - Gone

Just saw that The Brentwood is becoming Baja Norte. Who knew? Always enjoyed the dark scene, strong drinks, fried chicken, onion rings and ribs. End of an era. Kinda sad in a minimalist sad way.

Agree with you. Always enjoyed the vibe at the Brentwood. A bit inconsistent but had many enjoyable evenings there over the years. Even had my birthday dinner with a dozen friends there one year!

Is it back open? It changed over the Summer and was open for a few months then closed I think in December.

Last I checked, still closed. We tried it (Baja Norte) when it was open; not at all bad and big portions.*

*Got it mixed up with Casa de Campo across the street. Apologies.

The Brentwood officially closed at some point during COVID. Signage for Baja Norte went up soon after. I’ve walked by a thousand times, and not once have I seen it open. Couldn’t tell you whether it’s temporarily closed, open only for takeout, or something else. I also don’t know a single person who has dined there, in person or takeout. The food could be great, but their failure to communicate (are they open?) and market does not bode well. Their website also appears to be dead. I’d mark this one down as a COVID casualty.

The Rooster is also closed, wonder if he’s closed all his restaurants? I am semi hoping that Baja Norte is in the same hands and we might see a Rebecca’s -ish menu there?

Marvin is still open

Cora’s Coffee Shoppe / Capo Cantina is still open AFAIK.

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