The Brigantine Portside

Had a quick dinner Sunday evening at the sorta new Brigantine Portside (old Anthony’s on the harbor, next to the Star of India) before a concert at the Rady Shell (because the food at the Shell isn’t all that great)

Granted, Sunday evening isn’t always the best day for a restaurant, and this meal did nothing to dispell that rumor. Here’s the rundown:

One of the worst Manhattan’s I’ve ever had. Tasted like an Old Fashioned. Sent it back, replacement Manhattan was only marginally better. The ones I make at home are SUBSTANTIALLY better.

Clam chowder was tasty but very salty

Crab cake was mushy, a lot of filler and fishy tasting. Hard pass on this one, we couldn’t finish it

Lobster tempura tacos, on the other hand, were actually very good. I would order this again, but the tacos are gigantor and come with fries AND sauteed vegetables. It’s a good plate to split, which is what I did.

Service, however, was excellent, far better than the food.


At least it’s in an attractive restaurant complex. I think they did a nice job with that. We’ve had cocktails with a view at another restaurant upstairs and enjoyed them, but I can’t recall the name of the place.

Manhattans used to be one of my favorite drinks, but now we’re into Rob Roys (and classic martinis).

The only thing worth getting at the brig are fish tacos and beer. I always recommend the del Mar location for happy hour with that caveat.

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We’ve had some pretty good dinners at the Brigantine on Shelter Island. I’ve never had lunch there, though.

Yes, the Brig is known for their fish tacos and they are good. I’ve had good plates at their La Mesa location.

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