The Cannibal on Platform in Culver City

Has anyone been to the NYC location? The charcuterie pics on their Instagram account look amazing. Here’s two from their feed:

Set to open very soon!

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Yum, pâtés and terrines.

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The pig head is the raison d’être to go to the Cannibal in NYC.

Always wanted to try their whole animal dinner but never really had the time nor occasion.

FTC meetup?

Funny, @CiaoBob & I were just discussing the topic of cannibalism over dinner tonight…

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Cannibals are people who eat there own. What does that have to do with Terrine?

It’s apparently a reference to cyclist Eddy Merckx, whose nickname was “The Cannibal.” One of the owners is a cycling enthusiast.

… which leads to the J_L’s “(not-so-deep) Thought of the Day”:

Whatever happened to those Fine Young Cannibals?

(this question pretty much answers itself)

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*their own. Sorry, it was late… or early… depending on whether or not you went to sleep last night.

Ahhh… I see. I guess that’s kinda’ cool… I guess. Love terrine & pâté though. Any good places in L.A.?

…Okay still tired. You’re talking about L.A.! Going back to bed.

I’m really confused now.

@theoffalo - Just ignore me. I’m babbling.

FYI, the butcher shop side of the operation is now open at The Cannibal:

I tried the lamb butcher sandwich with pesto, the meatball sandwich with kimchi marinara, and the roasted Brussels sprouts. All were excellent overall. My only complaints were the sandwiches seemed a little on the small side, and the bread didn’t seem to be of the same high quality as the meats. More like an Amoroso’s roll than the baguettes at Gjusta.

Did you split the two sandwiches with someone or did you have them both (and the Brussels sprouts) all to yourself? Would you say that it’d take two sandwiches to feel full?

The lack of parking had previously foiled my plans to try Loqui at/near the same location. Any tips?

Split them. I was full from one full sandwich and half a small order of Brussels sprouts. I posted pictures over on the daily sandwich thread if you’re interested.

I found parking at the Culver City Expo station today (though I’ve been foiled there before). A friend of mine suggested parking on on the south side of Washington to the west of Landmark. Looking today there was plenty of meter parking there. Again, this is heading west on Washington before you hit Landmark.

@theoffalo @Bigmouth There is a garage in the building on the west side of the complex. It’s 2 hours free. Plus, the Culver CityBus 1 & 7 Big Blue Bus 5, 12 and Rapid 12, and Metro’s 33 and 733 plus the Expo Line all have a stop within a block of the complex.


I got lucky and found a spot on Landmark St. today. I saw a garage entrance into the building that Cannibal is in, on Landmark St. next to the São Açaí place. Is that what you’re talking about?

Menu for those interested:

Butcher shop opens at 11am this week rather than 8am as indicated on the menu. Breakfast starts next week, when they start opening at 8am.

[quote=“theoffalo, post:17, topic:3290”]
I saw a garage entrance into the building that Cannibal is in, on Landmark St. next to the São Açaí place. Is that what you’re talking about?[/quote]

Yes. And in the evening when we went, the gates were up.

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Thanks, will have to check it out next time. I didn’t see any pricing or anything, just a fold-up sign that said credit card accepted or credit card only or something.

Thanks for the tip @Mattapoisett_in_LA, the gate was up when I went this afternoon, so free parking!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get there in time for the Porchetta butcher sandwich. Apparently they had quite the lunch rush and sold out of two whole … loins(?) of the porchetta. Got a Cubano instead. Not bad, but was really looking forward to the porchetta.