The Chori Man - Artisinal Chorizo in Your Breakfast Burrito

By now you’ve probably read all of the other articles about the 4th generation chorizo making family that supplies restaurants like Salazar with exemplary chorizo. They have a stand at The Wall farmer’s market in the Flower District from 9 am to 2 pm on Saturdays where they sling tacos and breakfast burritos, though.

I figured it would be nice to hit it up and see what their green chorizo breakfast burrito was like for myself.

My impression is that it is an excellent take on a simple classic. It is almost ironic that you can only get this thing on Saturdays because it feels like the quintessential weekday breakfast burrito in terms of its simplicity: tatertots, chorizo, white cheese, griddled up, with two eggs cracked onto the mixture to create a kind of loose fritatta that is then wrapped in a just-warmed tortilla. The cilantro component in the green chorizo is evident, and the quality of the pork is notable, as is the lack of grease in this burrito. They also have jalapeno slaw that is quite good, and a major fan favorite, as well as a tangy (but sadly lacking in any kind of heat) red salsa, and a deeply pungent and addictive salsa negra. Between the green chorizo and the black salsa the colors are certainly novel for a breakfast burrito experience, which adds an element of fun to eating the thing. With the negra adding a zip and heat to the earthy porcine qualities in the burrito it becomes legitimately addictive, but it’s very good even without the salsa. The mixture of ingredients is just about perfect, and they are not shy with the chorizo as there is a good deal of it in every bite of the burrito.

That said, I think the operation could be even better if they, say, partnered with nearby Sonoratown to use fresh flour tortillas, or fried their tatertots for added texture. I suppose these are fairly minor quibbles, but the tortilla would really make it for me, as it feels like such a superb chorizo deserves a higher quality tortilla. I might ask if they can grill the tortilla more next time, but they’re working with fairly limited space, and consistent lines, so it might not be possible.

I will most likely return to try their red chorizo, which is made with chicken. In some ways, I feel like I enjoyed their chorizo more at Salazar where it was cooked more precisely, and the supporting ingredients exhibited just as much care, but if you’re really into breakfast burritos with high-quality chorizo, this is worth a trip. They also sling them at breweries on Friday and Sunday nights with some regularity it looks like.

Green Chorizo Breakfast Burrito

Detail Shot

Their facebook for more info:


That is an excellent looking breakfast burrito. I don’t usually order those because they tend to be overstuffed monsters, full of greasy leftovers scrambled with eggs.

But I could see ordering this. Nice photos.

The lack of grease is quite nice in these BBs.

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Insider tip.

Get a baguette or a brioche bun at Bread Lounge, and then take it to Humberto and ask him to make you a “Chori-Pan” – a choirzo sandwich with your choice of fixins, and of course your own bread.

No breadage.


I heard about Chori Man’s pop up this weekend too! I was excited (Although I perfer the Chorizo from Ochoa’s) so I appreciate the review! Yeah, that tortilla is WAY too palid for me.

Chori-Man uses Del Rey Deli in Playa as his work kitchen and supplies them. They have a regular Chorizo and Potato Burrito for Brunch as we as occasional specials. They have a green chorizo and burrata breakfast bowl this weekend…


Interesting. What would you typically put on the chori-pan?

That breakfast burrito is the thing to order there…

PSA: Lodge bread was closed yesterday for their remodel/expansion into the next unit. Was going for bread - saw it was closed - didn’t stop to read any notice as to what their current/future status is…

Good to know but I was talking about Bread Lounge in the Arts District / DTLA, not Lodge Bread out on the west side.

Sautéed peppers, pickled onions and usually whatever else he has on hand and/or that you want.

Sorry - dyslexic/poor interpretation skills combined with late drinking/early rising. Anywho - carry on…

I LOVE their Cuban Sandwich too. Good little neighborhood joint!


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Better than early drinking, late rising…

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That would be a lot of lost opportunities!