The Costco $29.99 Bordeaux Holiday 4-Pack Gift Box

Skip it.

There’s plenty of French value wines in this price point that are perfectly drinkable and nice to set out at a large gathering where you just don’t want to spend a bundle and people are drinking from plastic cups, and wine by the bottle goes quickly. We’ve now had 3 of the 4 and they are meh to so so.

On the plus side, we’ve had a weekend full of home pour for this price, and it hasn’t been bad enough to pour down the drain.

Markups on such pre-packaged gifts are generally higher (meaning the wines are cheaper) than when bought separately. (After all, you have to pay the packing company to wrap it all up!) It’s not too surprising the results have been mediocre so far . . . .

That said, I agree that there are plenty of great values on French wines out there.

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