The current state of deli in Las Vegas

Bagel Cafe (Summerlin): In a word, bad. I always considered this to be a just-OK place, but based upon today’s visit, I’m revising that assessment down to lousy,. Latkes are supposed to be thin and crispy, right? These were about an inch thick, greasy, and gluey in the middle. Just disgusting. I sent them back and asked for corned beef hash and eggs, which had been acceptable in the past. The hash was decent, but the eggs were incinerated. Their idea of over-medium tends to be closer to over easy, so I thought over-medium-well should be just about right. It wasn’t. The home fries had lots of onion and looked promising, but tasted strongly of whatever they last used to clean the pan, making them inedible. They don’t even make a decent bagel any more (although better than Canter’s – see below). I wasn’t about to send the second entree back to the kitchen. Never Again.

Canter’s: Also in Summerlin, this newly opened outpost of their L.A. deli wasn’t great either. First visit, I went for a pastrami sandwich, as that seemed safe. Slightly tough but tasty pastrami on so-so rye bread. Mind you, I’m spoiled, as I usually only eat pastrami sandwiches at Langer’s in LA, and that’s a hard act to follow. I gave them a second try a week later, and ordered their corned beef hash and eggs. They got the eggs right, but the hash was very greasy and didn’t have much flavor. Home fries were decent, but the bagel was like something from Noah’s – more like a bagel-shaped piece of bread.

Harrie’s Bagelmania on Twain is pretty good all around, but a bit far away for me unless I’m at the convention center, which is nearby. Weiss in Henderson is also good, but much too far away. Carnegie Deli at the Mirage is closer, but like all Strip restaurants, expensive.

Is anyone aware of other options?

Just on the subject of the eggs, I was talking to a server in a restaurant recently. I think you pretty much got what you ordered :frowning: Also IMneverHO, corned beef hash deserves poached eggs, soft or not quite as soft.

True over-medium eggs would have been fine (i.e. slightly oozy yolks), but I find when I order over-medium, I usually end up with over easy, with barely-warm liquid yolks.