The End of Alma

As discussed at length on an old CH thread about Alma and its legal issues, the restaurant had problems. Chowhound It appears even crowdfunding couldn’t save it. Or so Eater says. End date:10/31.

i got nuthin, cept :smirk:

Visited him back in Salute, Santa Monica days, where he introduced his seaweed beignet. To this day I don’t know how that dish remained in his repertoire til '15, but you gotta respect a MOT for not taking his bubbe’s money and just winging it.

Until there was no money left. I mean, next time, get a CPA w/ a JD to write up a contract. Or use legalzoom, something.

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Or get Carly to design your Compaq View.

now they’re blaming the media because bad accounting and managing had nothing to do with it.

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What makes you think bad accounting and management lead them to close as opposed to the vindictive lawsuit?

idk, I think the guy might raise at least some valid points about the pressures of the food media in some cases.

Then again, how did BA end up naming them the best new restaurant if they had so many flaws I wonder?

The eater article even has a response from Taylor.