The Excellent Black Soybean Soft Tofu Stew & Chilled Handmade Buckwheat Noodles of Surawon Tofu House [Thoughts + Pics]



Hmm I didn’t know about their other offerings…

But honestly soondobu isn’t high on my Korean list. Since I don’t really care too much for tofu but that black soybean tofu sounds good

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Thanks for this! Super into this


Same. I love Beverly Soon and hate BCD; very excited to try out a new one.


Ahhh @Chowseeker1999

You were in my neck of the woods. Haven’t been in a long while but we really like BTH. I saw a funny thing on TV about the restaurant, where the owners said they were completely confounded that non-Koreans think the place is a big deal. :sweat_smile:

Oh nice! I pass by Surawon a lot. Will check it out.

Happy Soft Tofu Eating!

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I think tofu and chewy noodles will have to be the move today


I really like naengmyeon; will have to try this place out. :slight_smile:

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I was thinking the same thing. Tonight’s Republique dinner plans were cancelled. But I went to the BH Farmers Market instead. I’ll be cooking.

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Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Yah, to be clear, if you normally don’t like Sundubu it’s still Sundubu. :wink: But it’s standout compared to most Tofu offerings locally. Do you like Chilled Buckwheat Noodles normally? It might be worth a try for that. :slight_smile:


Hi @Nemroz, @paranoidgarliclover @TheCookie and others,

Oh one thing to note:

  • Their original Chilled Handmade Buckwheat Noodles is listed in Korean Only as the 1st dish under the “COLD NOODLES” section of the menu. Just point to that, or say, “Cold Noodles in Cold Broth” (or “Mul Naeng Myeon”).

The website lists it in English and Korean, but on the printed menu it looks like they ran out of room to fit in the English for their Cold Noodles.



I just said nengmyun and they speak English :slight_smile:

So excited


I do like them noodles. I am a fan of Yu Chun! Extra mustard with sips of complimentary warm broth in between slurps of cold noodle

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Been meaning to check this place out, so thanks @Chowseeker1999.

I think I prefer Beverly Soon Tofu’s more robust soup, but the black soybean tofu is pretty awesome. Miles better than BCD, certainly an option to consider if you’re in the mood for Soon Tofu.

I would skip the fish at this place though, I had the atka mackerel combo and the quality was far from Jun Won, Soban, etc.

I thought the naengmyeon was decent, though I prefer the beefier broth from Chosun Galbee and the ice cold Yu Chun versions a lot more. (If you want spicy cold noodles, I like the one at Wonsan Myunok). I think Surawon’s is a kimchi-type broth. Usually when I go to a Korean restaurant that has naengmyeon, I’ll ask to try a sample of their broth (yooksoo) and they’ll usually oblige, it’s a good way to know if the cold noodles are worth trying or not.


A scholar and a lover.

Yea the fish was fairly whatever. Really loved the soondubu, beef banchan, and the noodle itself in the naengmyun. It’s think and will get soggy though if you try to come back to it after 10 minutes (because you got it for your kid who can’t finish it . The chew is most of the point of them

I wanted spicy all weekend because the Thai thing let me down again (how t f did they get a mich nod and not Pla and Fern) and the tofu was interesting. First bite just knocked me out. Burn so good. Spicy for first third and then just no spice! Something about this chili that you build up immunity quickly


HI @BlurA14,

Thanks. Yah, we tried Surawon and Beverly’s Vegetable Sundubu / Soft Tofu as a comparison, figuring it was the lightest / cleanest way to enjoy both place’s Tofu and Broth first and foremost. :wink: As you noticed, the Housemade Organic Black Soybean Tofu at Surawon really stood out for us. The broth at both places (with the Vegetable Sundubu option) felt comparable for us, but maybe we were enraptured by the Black Soybean Tofu’s flavor coming through? :wink:

For the Naeng Myeon Cold Noodles, our waitress said it was using a “Beef Broth,” but I agree that the flavors tasted like it was a Kimchi (+ Beef Broth) combo maybe? I loved the Noodles’ chew.

Thanks for the recommendation for noodles at Wonsan Myunok; we’ve never heard of that place. Can’t wait to try it! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Nemroz,

Thanks for the report back. :slight_smile: Glad you liked Surawon’s Soft Tofu Stew and the Handmade Noodles in the Naengmyeon. :slight_smile:

Did you get your Sundubu with maximum spiciness? I was a wimp and went with Mild. :sweat_smile:

I hope so, I said spicy and it cake pretty dang spicy

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Yeah, the original Wonsan Myunok used to be where Ten-Raku is now, and many felt they had the best bibim-naengmyeon. When the new location opened up, I wondered if it was the same owner and it turned out that it was.

Another place with a solid broth for naengmyeon is the old school KBBQ restaurant Dong Il Jang, though the noodles are probably better at Surawon. I’ve heard Ssam has a decent version as well, but haven’t tried it. If you notice the trend, a lot of places with solid versions of naengmyeon are KBBQ places (though there isn’t a correlation between best BBQ restaurant and best naengmyeon).

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Went last night to treat a friend to a b-day meal. We loved it. I remembered that the black soybean tofu was the way to go but forgot to ask for it b/c had a lot of questions about the naengmyeon.

I suspect we did NOT get the black soybean tofu b/c, while the texture was nicely silky, there wasn’t a particularly strong flavor.

Short ribs were a bit pricey ($26 for the combo) but worth it, IMHO, b/c there was a good amount of meat that was PERFECTLY cooked. SO tender.

The broth of the naengmyeon was a bit strange (somewhat… powdery or gritty?) but had a wonderful subtle flavor of soybean.

Would glad return to try other items.