The Fields LA (new food hall)

Article from LA Mag. Great roster so far. They need some type of dessert or ice cream to round out the offerings. Chris Bianco might open up a Roman style pizza place? That would be great


Has anyone been?

Food still need work, but they’re constantly trying to make it better
edit: i’ve had it, went there for dinner twice, it’s a nice space, parking is free when there aren’t any games at the stadium.
i think Chad Colby’s Roman pizza was good but when i went, they weren’t heating the pizza so they were sitting under the heat lamp the next time i went they were heating them up when asked. so…it feels like they’re changing and adjusting accordingly.
mind you, i went for dinner so lunch crowd might be different. At dinner it was pretty empty so that could also account for something. a friend said the food was better during lunch.

Yep! We’ve been several times as we are FC season ticket holders and live in the area. We’ve tried most of the items and really like them.

Personally I find the Roman Pizza the best of its type in L.A., I like even better than Il Romanista in terms of taste and toppings. They also give you these AMAZING chiles in oil that really makes the pizza. The sandwiches are also really good. If you’ve had the Foccacia at Chi Spaca, you know what I am talking about. SO SOFT but still sturdy. They look austere, but good Italian food often is. It really is how it all comes together…

We have Akko Port is pretty good. Their flatbread is amazing. Now, I prefer the wraps at Madcapra and Dune, but they are still much better than most out there,

The Burritos La Palma are ON POINT!!! So delicious. The gringas from the new El Pastor are super goey (and taste so good with those Chiles in Oil) and the Fish Tacos from Conis are very satisfying… but don’t have that crunch that Ricky’s has… but very few places do…

A wonderful surprise was the Jambalaya from Barbara Jean. The bars we well stocked and friendly. The outside beer garden has EXCELLENT soft serve. Also the Waffle Fries at the Chicken Sandwich place are good… but they are the same one Soul Sausage has in the Stadium…

There is validated parking. Most items are well priced and they bus the tables. It’s a great place to do some remote laptop work, especially in the evening… There are some misses (The salads are CRAZY priced and the Dumplings at Ms Chi are meh) but we’ve always been happy with our meals there overall… especially if we get a slice…

Gringas and Fish Tacos (Italian Chiles)


$6 Roman Pizza and $14 Burrata Salad


Mortadella Sandwich with Parm cream



that pizza for $6 looks super steep?

The mortadella sandwich though… I’d eat the hell out of that.

$6 is in line with the slices at Eatly (A little cheaper for some) and SO much better. It’s also fairly large and those dark spots are two LARGE sausage patties. Very satisfying.

The sandwiches are $9 which is less than most fancy sandwiches nowadays.



There is a soft serve machine at the outdoor patio bar. The twice I tried it, the flavors were Salted Caramel & Vanilla which swirled very nicely. I think they use Strauss as the base.

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Also they offer several types of baked goods in the first case at the north entrance. I haven’t tried any of them because I would rather have pizza.

Went there on Sunday evening.

Vegan Mapo Tofu from Ms. Chi. I liked how this was not as soupy as many other mapo tofu bowls I’ve had. Nice, balanced heat.

East LA fried chicken sandwich from CJ Boyds. Outstanding. Loads of heat throughout each bite that crept up on you. The bread was a bit dry but it otherwise did its job of holding everything together.

No LAFC game so we basically had the place to ourselves. There was a soccer match at the Coliseum (“Super Clasico”) though that didn’t seem to contribute much in terms of crowds.


We really enjoyed that Mapo! Well seasoned and nice portion. Our favorite thing so far at Ms. Chi beside the fuffy tea…

Sad to hear that the folks at the Coliseum seemed to bypass it. It’s super hidden and I’ve mentioned to them they need some sort of signage around the complex.


Guess I’ll be checking this place out next week.

Any highlights that I should hit?

Acc to Yelp, The Fields is closed. Call and see.

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It’s closed as is the restaurants on top. They have been rumblings about it reopening… especially since the ACFC games have been pretty well attended. We shall see.

It’s not that you don’t have have much choice in the area either. There is Mercado La Paloma and USC village within walking distance. If you are driving in, it’s not far from Tire shop and Los Guichos taco stands.


Holbox is where you should eat if you are in the area.


Holbox is a no brainer…. But sometimes I am in the mood for something from Chichen Itza… or HoneyBird. Sammiche Shop just opened in the village and I’ll be there A LOT.

Also a M-F low key takeaway place is Hotbox Burgers. SUPER good. And if you are going to be in the area for an extended amount of time… Everytable in a godsend.


Gonna be around for the LAFC match next weekend…and since it’s a school night, I think I’m headed back to the ‘burbs when it’s over.


The best thing about soccer is that regular season games are a tidy 2 hours. It’s an afternoon game and you will have PLENTY of time to head over to Holbox or even take the train downtown if you wish. Are you going to park there? Do you already have your parking?


We got a friend’s season tickets for the day.

It’s our first time to the stadium. The Banc of California website is not particularly helpful with parking outside of locations.

Happy to take any tips you got, @Dommy.



Fun!! You guys will enjoy it! It’s the best atmosphere in L.A. Sports. We are season ticket holders to both teams as well. It totally fucks up my schedule most of the year (especially when I add other sports we also go to), but is a ton of fun! We just upped our ticket order for next year. :woman_facepalming:

There is limited parking around the arena (the Lucas Museum has taken a lot of old parking lots) . And you can try to get there early, but most of the fans also get there to party on Christmas Tree Lane HOURS before the game. If they don’t have a parking pass to pass along, it’s best to take the Metro E Line train. You can park either at Culver City E Line Lot on La Cienega (Lots of fans do this, you’ll be in good company coming in and going out) or One of the cheaper lots downtown in South Park and pick up the train at Pico Station. Wish we could walk you there, but this game fucks up another thing I have going on Sunday. Still have some things to figure out. If that changes, I’ll PM you. :slight_smile:


i need to take my kid to a soccer match