The Fish Sandwich Thread

I’ve always liked the mc dees fish sandwich. Un pretentious , willing to fulfill a need . Yes .


I can see that. I don’t participate in any other things like this.
Do other sites (where folks who are knowledgeable and passionate about a topic share/debate their experiences) handle it better?

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I think one of the issues to FTC in particular is that it’s a site with global information, but a VERY VERY local focus. The L.A./SoCal crowd IS, essentially, the bulk of this board. If you’re NOT in L.A. or interested in the SoCal food scene, the board’s utility is more limited. Not that there isn’t great info here, but generally, there’s WAY more info about Los Angeles, and the people who post most often are long-term internet-aquaintences, a lot of whom go back to the old ChowHound boards, and the familiarity and shorthand can make newbies feel a bit left out.

I was never part of ChowHound. I found FTC when it first popped up and Eater mentioned it. I’ve gone through periods of leaving/not reading the board when I left LA, and have dabbled on Hungry Onion as well (though THAT board suffers from the opposite problem. It’s SO big and all encompassing that it’s hard to ‘know’ anyone and it’s hard to know what info to give credence to.)

I’ve gotten great personal advice and reccomendations from lots of folks on the here, including PorkyBelly, TonyC, and a host of others.

I’ve also gotten majorly stood up a few years ago when there was a planned FTC meetup at DeSano’s Pizza on Santa Monica Blvd. (quite good btw. reccomended) I rearranged things so I could go. I showed up. No one else did, and didn’t bother saying they weren’t coming until after things were supposed to have started. So I ended up eating alone. I was a little salty after that, but I got over it. But, yeah, still bugs me a little if I dwell on it.

These are just the vagaries of social interaction in the 21st century. Not much to be done about it, I suppose.


“Better” is hard words to use. I would say that, of the 3 boards in which I actively participate, this is the one that lease extends itself to be accessible to beginners and the one in which posters take things the most personally (on another board in which I participate, individual posters take things personally all the time, but the forum culture makes it very clear from the start that the collective community couldn’t care less).


Are the other boards funny? This board is pretty funny.


No. FTC is where the funny is. There are a few home cooking threads on HO that are really fun & inviting for home cooks. One thread in particular is practically its own board where the same folks post almost everyday and definitely know each other. But joking and teasing tends to be at a minimum.


That’s why everyone has to pay up front now. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Welcome back!


Basically the number one rule of internet meetups, nobody is guaranteed until they cough up cash. And even then it’s like 50%


Too bad most restaurants let you take pictures now, it would’ve been awesome for a Vespertine type thread where we would have to draw what we ate…

See original post of Vespertine - The Gaffe of Kahn

Vespertine - The Gaffe of Kahn


Hotville Chicken’s “The Shaw” fish sando using Swai on brioche was very good, especially the crunchy coating. Not a fan of the “kaleslaw,” but the crinkly fries portion was generous.


I love Swai. It’s so soft and fluffy when served piping hot.


I wonder how long it will be until these words stop making me laugh out loud.


it’s now part of FTC canon so I guess never.



crispy fried fish sandwich - wild haddock, mild cheddar, dill pickle remoulade, brioche bun served with fries, tangy slaw, and a house-brined dill pickle
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That looks yummy, PorkyBelly.

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fish filet panini from Okayama Kobo Bakery & Cafe in Anaheim. photo courtesy Yelp. Amazing 10/10 banger.



This might go against the grain here but I think Okayama Kobo is far more interesting than Cream Pan for my personal tastes. I am not a big sweets guy though


Better strawberry croissants at cream pan but I had an overall better food experience at Okayama Kobo

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:frowning: The Little Tokyo location is so wee!!! I love it, especially since I now stop by Little Tokyo on a weekly basis… but they often sell out by the time I get there in the afternoon and the selection is tiny. :sob: