The Fish Sandwich Thread

I just had the best fof sandwich at oui melrose. This had everything I look for in a fof: crispy seasoned fish-stick-like breading, flaky cod, soft squishy bun, plenty of tangy tartar, and good ol’ yellow 'murican cheese product.

oui melrose

little fish of echo park - striped bass fried fish sandwich, pickles, american cheese, kewpie mayo

eszett - filet uh fish

yess aquatic - fish katsu, nori, tartar sauce

honeybird - phil lee o fish

little tart




Not quite there yet. Lacking his n-th visit.


But in all seriousness, is this photo list in order of your power rankings @PorkyBelly?


Nice looking bun at Oui

how could I forget the og


Anyone have a good grilled fish sandwich place in mid city or westside? I used to go to Fish Grill but got sick two times in a row. I thought the first was fluke so went back a year later and sick again. I’m done with that place.

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Adding Strfsh, Which also has a good grilled fish sandwich option.


forgot to mention there’s also a hot version at oui melrose

has anybody tried the hot catfish sandwich at adb? @attran99 ?


LA Taco did a series on this.


I quite enjoy the version at ADB. Soft and squishy bun. Lots of flavor to the catfish. American cheese (I think), and there’s jalapeños in their crispy slaw.

Does Ototo still have their version? I was told that was good, too.


crap, forgot about ototo. i thought the bread to fish ratio was a bit too high.


I had the fish sandwich from Fishpop in KTown which I really liked, it was a fish patty breaded instead of a whole piece of fish. Really good, had a good fry and it was a nice texture. I don’t have pics since I deleted them already.


I was a little disappointed in the adb version tbh. It wasn’t spicy, but more importantly there was no texture to mine at all, no crispness to the fry and no firmness to the fish. Smushy on smushy on smushy, the kind of thing that would probably kill if I wanted to take out my dentures.


that holbox fried fish torta will be mine soon.


The fish filet at Okayama Kobo in Anaheim is a nice version to take home and reheat in the oven.


Those photos are just in chronological order. But since you asked here are my power rankings sponsored by @rlw:

  1. oui melrose
  2. little tart (closed)
  3. honeybird
  4. little fish of echo park
  5. mcds
  6. yess aquatic
  7. eszett
  8. ototo

This place (FTC) has its issues. There’s a lot of inside baseball talk and shorthand that can be intimidating for new users. But one thing that’s been consistent in my time since discovering this board from an Eater L.A. article lo those many years ago:

You all give proper respect to Micky D’s Filet-o-Fish.

As one of those ‘picky eater’ kids who had a thing about hamburgers, the McDonald’s fish sandwich was my saving grace, a blessing sent by Catholics for this poor little skinny Jewish kid who still will take a few fish sticks on white bread over a steakhouse burger any day of the week.

The McD’s FoF is an acme. A standard. Like Boar’s Head deli meat, it can be both the best possible thing to get among a sea of deeply inferior options, and the bare minimum standard of what you might consider ‘acceptable’. It can easily be outclassed, but yet manages to outclass far more than you’d think.

I have to say, I miss the Easter-time fish sandwich sales that seem to happen all over southern Cal. I haven’t seen the equivalent trend in other areas.


Lol I remember as a kid after ordering my chicken nugget happy meal my grandpa ordered an fof for himself. I’d never heard of the fof at the time. I was blown away, like who the hell is this guy? Man of mystery


This must certainly be considered one of the defining FTC posts! :smiley:

And your description of Boar’s Head is so spot on. As I was trying (unsuccessfully) to unravel and detangle a clump of Boar’s Head chicken slices over the weekend, I was like, “WTF. Why did we just not get some sliced at the deli counter at Bristol Farms?” But, when I first had Boar’s Head, it was so much better than what I (usually) had growing up…

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