The Frozen Food Thread

Alright folks, sometimes the only thing I have time to do is preheat the oven, throw something in there, and walk away. Might not even have that much time and only the microwave will do. What are your frozen food essentials?

I just bought $40 of these out of pure desperation. Don’t judge me - expect the drunk/stoned/hungry crosspost soon.



Haven’t tried, but just saw (and posted elsewhere) a link to this:

Anyone have a favorite frozen fried fish to throw in an air fryer? I have tried the halibut and cod options from Trader Joe’s but they weren’t so tasty…

Judge? I have total respect for having White Castle.

Years ago I lived in north shore lake Tahoe and the nearest McDonald’s was like 45 minutes away.

So I would drive down there and I would get 20 cheeseburgers to throw in my freezer.

Unfortunately, since 90% of the time I was drunk stoned and hungry, they didn’t last as long as they should have.

I did that here in LA with Chick-fil-A when the nearest one was down in Redondo Beach.

I always have frozen burritos on hand. Not sure why. The Posada brand are good to me. They have various ones at Costco.

Also, Kirkland stir fry vegetables. Big bag. Veggies stay crisp when you cook them.


I’m eyeballing pizzas on Goldbelly instead - Detroit/Chicago styles and even Pizzeria Bianco are on there.

Costco Trident fish sticks is the default answer. I wasn’t too impressed with the meatier and more expensive battered cod

Hell yeah. Convection until crispy. Add copious amounts of yellowbird Serrano hot sauce or the classic tapatio.


These have been a livesaver for me. SoCal and NorCal delivery options are also avaiable. I’ve tried the potstickers, dumpling and soup wontons so far and liked them all. Their dumpling sauce is pretty good too


Haven’t had the White Castle sliders in years but my trick was to microwaved for ~20 seconds then separate the halves to try and replicate the steam on a pan with some water. It was hit or miss.

The last time I was in Vegas I had White Castle for breakfast at 7:30am since they are open 24/7. 3 cheese burgers and onion rings. I forgot about the clam strips but didn’t need them.


This thread pisses me off. Because now I have a small tiny piece of crap refrigerator when I used to have a giant side-by-side that at one point I had like six frozen turkeys in and still tons of room.

I miss having a freezer full of stuff LOL


I don’t know how I ever lived without a stand-alone freezer tbh


Especially if you have a family to feed.



Costco still has the tilapia but don’t think they carry the hash browns anymore (at least my local Costco).



Costco also, to go with the Costco fish sticks

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Been wondering how that product is

Now throw a bit of relish into a small bowl of Thousand Island dressing, mix it a bit, and you’ve got yourself a dipping sauce for these bad boys.

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Here’s another thing I still have to have once a month. @Ns1 , I know you like the ones they sell at Costco. (Are they Kirkland?)


What is it about these? I guess they take me back to when we’d load up the car and drive to the Stouffers factory and come back with a case each of (don’t laugh)

  1. Spinach Soufflé
  2. Pound cake
  3. Filled cupcakes
  4. French bread pizza
  5. Pepper steak

I know I’m forgetting something. Cars were bigger in the 70’s.


Just don’t try the Deluxe French Bread Pizza (those are all mine). :smiley:

Sara Lee Pound Cake goes great with my Harry’s Berries gaviota strawberry compote and 2 scoops (or 5) of McConnell’s Sweet Cream.


LOL…yes they were.

In the Costco frozen pizza section look for the Sabatasso individual pizzas, they come 12 to the box for something like $10. 6 cheese and 6 pepperoni. These are a decent product and not to big to be a snack. Not sure if there is a french bread version or not.

Sabatasso is a real old-time brand out of Pittsburgh, PA. Not sure if the family still owns it or not, I tend to think not.


Yes there is and this is the product that I buy.


Yes! Now I also think that may be the French Bread pizza brand, too.

Never had them, but need to try!

Thank you.

Give them a go. They’re never going to be mistaken for haute gourmet, but when you need a quick snack that isn’t sweet, they’ll surely scratch that itch…

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