The Gallic way on Bastille Day, July 14!

I enjoy French cuisine! Looking forward to Bastille Day, July 14th. A good excuse to indulge in the Gallic way. What are some of your traditional favorites? Have a French bistro to recommend?

A suggested menu from Savage Steve Holland:

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Hahaha. An amazing scene and great movie.
French bread
French fries
French dressing

I want my $2

Canard Ă  la Rouennaise Ă  la press at Pasjoli.

No time like the present. Stopped into a local bistro for lunch after a run thru the farmer’s market, Jean-Jacques in Pleasantville, N.Y. Enjoyed our Croque Madame and Quiche Lorraine with all the accoutrements…

Will start the day with a good old-fashioned Almond Croissant, butter & jam on Bastille Day…

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In France, I think it’s illegal to put butter or jam on an almond croissant.

By the way, can someone offer suggestions on how to keep French press coffee warm? We love our press, but the coffee cools off to quickly…

if it has a glass bottom, you could always get one of those electric mug warmer plates.

I just use a tea cozy. Not perfect but better than nothing.

Put it in an insulated carafe or get an insulated model.

Looking forward to a good French bistro meal! I know a Salad Provencal with lardons is waiting for me someplace…

I think you’re confusing salade niçoise with salade lyonnaise.

You are right, it’s salade lyonnaise I am thinking about, with frisée and poached egg on top!

Baking a batch of Financiers for Bastille Day weekend. They are so good!

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How did they come out?

Made enough for my daughter and her family. We’ll be munching on them all weekend…

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