The Garlic Shack

I tried this place today. deLISH.

I had the Korean Beefholic, the “I am normal” cheeseburger, and the wasabi fries.

The Korean Beefholic: to die…Korean bbq in their own sauce, provolone, peppers, serranos, and spicy pickles. Think…Philly Cheesesteak gone to the bad place.

The I Am Normal: 8 ounces of Kobe beef. The meat had great flavor, kind of an earthy sweetness. One of the better burgers I have ever tasted, and not strewn with too many extras. The meat was good enough to carry the show.

Wasabi fries: yum. My sinuses are clear now.

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Anything with garlic, I am so there!
How are those garlic fries?

Holy shit, is that like an $800 burger??

Ha! not quite. $7.00.

I did not try the Garlic fries yet…

Best steakhouse in L.A… ?

Only $700, well, costly for a burger to be sure, but not a terrible price on the meat! Did you feel the luxuriousness of the meat was still highlighted in the burger format?

Yeah, at that price point it can not be real Japanese Kobe beef . A very educated guess is that it’s actually “Kobe-style” beef from domestic raised Wagyu (Tajima) cattle crossbred with American Black Angus cattle. Still very high quality stuff, but no where near the level of authentic Kobe Beef (which would be prohibitively expensive, and quite frankly a waste, for a burger). Still sounds like a damn good burger for the price.

Oh that’s possible…

But yeah, in any event, excellent quality meat. The flavor really carried the entire meal.

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Didnt realize this was a SD post.

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We love you have slummed down south to SD…