The Gold 101

Updated link 101

Anything that’s overly rated?

  1. Providence
  2. Taco Maria
  3. Spago
  4. Trois Mec
  5. Rustic Canyon
  6. Mozzaplex
  7. Shunji
  8. Lucques
  9. Lukshon
  10. Animal
  11. Q
  12. Bestia
  13. Guerrilla Tacos
  14. n/naka
  15. Ink
  16. Cut
  17. Cassia
  18. Alimento
  19. Republique
  20. Night + Market Song
  21. Soban
  22. Odys + Penelope
  23. AOC
  24. Orsa & Winston
  25. Maude
  26. Sqirl
  27. Grand Central Market
  28. Church & State
  29. Chengdu Taste
  30. Jitlada
  31. The Tasting Kitchen
  32. The Factory Kitchen
  33. SAAM
  34. La Casita Mexicana
  35. Le Comptoir
  36. Redbird
  37. Pot
  38. Park’s BBQ
  39. Jar
  40. Bäco Mercat
  41. Mélisse
  42. Adana
  43. Kogi BBQ
  44. Brodard Chateau
  45. Manhattan Beach Post
  46. Post & Beam
  47. Kiriko
  48. Petit Trois
  49. Angelini Osteria
  50. Marché Moderne
  51. Sotto
  52. Gjelina
  53. Girasol
  54. B.S. Taqueria
  55. Connie and Ted’s
  56. Colonia Taco Lounge
  57. Bludso’s BBQ
  58. Corazón y Miel
  59. Coni’Seafood
  60. Attari Sandwich Shop
  61. Meals by Genet
  62. Vincenti Ristorante
  63. Sea Harbour
  64. Drago Centro
  65. Din Tai Fung
  66. Playground
  67. Shanghai No. 1 Seafood Village
  68. Jon & Vinny’s
  69. Tsujita
  70. Marouch
  71. Ledlow
  72. Little Sister
  73. Son of a Gun
  74. Langer’s
  75. Plan Check
  76. Gjusta
  77. The Sycamore Kitchen
  78. Ración
  79. The Gadarene Swine
  80. Sapp Coffee Shop
  81. Border Grill
  82. Chichen Itza
  83. Craft
  84. Tumanyan Khinkali Factory
  85. Kobawoo House
  86. Mexicali Taco & Co.
  87. Valentino
  88. Kinjiro
  89. Musso & Frank Grill
  90. Mayura
  91. Aqui es Texcoco
  92. Mariscos Jalisco
  93. Garlic & Chives
  94. Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong
  95. Leona
  96. Lincoln
  97. Wang Xing Ji
  98. Golden Deli
  99. Szechuan Impression
  100. Nickel Diner
  101. Union

You daredevil!


uh-oh, yes, please do not mentioned overrated on this board/

and that’s seriously no fucking joke.

btw, how does one access the 101, I don’t seem to be able to online today, even though it’s supposed to show up ???

it may just be a fucking members-only, subscribers I mean, thing ???


Here is the LA Times link…

thanks Weiner, but that link only works if you’re a subscriber to my limited knowledge.

though this link may be a workaround to that:

for those that care.

I know some could give a flying fuck about JGold’s list, writings, etc. which is perfectly fine too.

I am disappointed that Grand Central Market was put on the list as one restaurant….

he lists his reasons. if you disagree with them, that’'s up to you. given he has a pulitzer and we are by and large anonymous posters, i doubt that he’ll lose much sleep over it.

i for the most part respect his perspective which is as i see it an attempt to educate white bread america by emphasizing the positives of cuisines outside the normal white bread experience.

OTOH, there are critics other people on this board seem to follow religiously that i wouldn’t follow with a shovel.


that’s a solid fucking pint, secret Asian man. and we are more niche reviewers with a much narrower reach.

but some will read his review on say a banh mi joint in Westminster and go to it, whereas they may never have visited if we mentioned it innumberable times on this site and or othr sites.

he purveys a certain level of legitimacy, and yes he won the Pulitzer once and was a finalist and few years later.

Here’s Eater LA’s take on the 101…

any free links ???

thanks man.

No. Sorry. The LA Times is using this to make people buy the subscription (which I already have) …Food sells

Update: if you want to see full 101, you’ll need a subscription, or **buy a copy of the Times in print on Saturday.


Yeah, it’s funny how this is the only thing that they charge for if one can actually believe it.

And that’s no fucking joke.

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I still maintain Jitlada is hella overrated (sorry Tony)


I think it would be cool if the Baco empire and the Jon and Vinny’s empire was listed under one thing, a la Mozzaplex. Then maybe Gold could throw a few more curveballs at us.

As far as the list goes, I’m thrilled to see Taco Maria number 2.

Jitlada is still a joke. Border Grill. Nickel Diner. Those are some others that jump out at me. He sure does love Jar doesn’t he. Have any of you gone there recently? And he loves his old school Italian spots.

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are you positive that you want to use the word, “overrated” ???

just sayin’ if you know what i’m sayin’

this link through google might work

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I still like jitlada even if it is way over priced.

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Glad to see that Cassia made the list. My new favorite….

I have nothing else to add than to reiterate my one previously stated thought:

Fucking Q?!

I think this might be the first time that the OC has 5 restaurants in the top 101 - Taco Maria, Plyground, Marche Modern, Garlic & Chives and Bordard Chateau.

I’ve never been to Q but surprised it is #11 and a long way down to another sushi spot - Kiriko #47.

I’m surprised Maude is not higher up but his review last month wasn’t glowing.