The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Show Us Your Grocery Finds

I’ll start.

Pints of Frozen Pig’s Blood, $2.69

Beef blood is also available.

Ranch 99 Market
Gardena, California

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I’m going to assume that you categorize that as “good.” I should see if my Latino market has it. Was it in the frozen section?

You’re such a carnivore

Yep… That’s probably just what goes into that delicious looking boat noodle soup we’ve been avoiding.

The best soup in the world…according to Bourdain.

What the heck is that bologna / silly putty looking thing?

Blood cake, darlin’ :slight_smile:

Oh gawd

It looks like it has a bloody salamander attached to it.

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Either that or a sprout! This is a renowned place in Hue, Vietnam, that starts serving at 8AM and is usually out and closed in a few hours. Fantastic.

Wow… Okay. I loved Vietnam.

I found it maybe kind :slight_smile: like tofu. Texture but the taste was all that surrounded it. PS: We also had a few bites of rat in Thailand. LOL.


I know this site won’t take just LOL…so I’ll say LOL!!! It was really more like chicken jerky.

:joy:. There’s that chicken reference again.

@catholiver Yes, frozen. And really, rat? (I’m going to pretend the “blood cake” photo never happened.). WHY???

@TheCookie mmmm hmmmm. We should make some next time we get invited to a potluck. :smiling_imp:

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Don’t you eat blood sausage - it’s great

No. I know it’s probably delicious. But I just can’t.

Why ? I assume you ate eating meat, so blood isn’t so much different

there is flesh and there is blood. They are different. I’m not poet enough to explain, especially after whiskey.

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