The Great Boston Burger Thread


Recently, Zagat’s conducted a Best Burger in Boston survey with the following choices, so presumably it covers most of the best (notably excluding Tip Tap Room, Miracle of Science, and perhaps others). Haven’t seen Zagat’s results yet.

I’ve only been to 8 out of 36, but I’m working on it…

Alden & Harlow
Aquitaine Boston
Back Bay Social Club
Bistro du Midi
Blue Ox
Boston Burger Company
Boston Chops
Bristol Lounge
Centre Street Cafe
Charlie’s Kitchen
Craigie on Main
Eastern Standard
Estelle’s Southern Cuisine
Flat Patties
Grass Fed
JM Curley
The Kirkland Tap & Trotter
Met Back Bay
Mr. Bartley’s
R.F. O’Sullivan & Son
Russell House Tavern
Snappy Patty’s
Steph’s on Tremont
Stephanie’s on Newbury
Strip T’s
Tasty Burger
The Gallows
Towne Stove & Spirits
UBurger (list no longer online)

(*Burger photo above is the Classic Burger from Bar Boulud in Back Bay)

My ranking so far:

  1. Cragie on Main’s Bar Burger
  2. Alden & Harlow’s Secret Burger
  3. RF O’Sullivan’s Black & Blue Burger
  4. JM Curley’s Lunch 5 oz. Natural Beef Patty
  5. Strip-T’s Burger
  6. Bar Boulud’s Classic Burger
  7. Tip Tap Room’s Steak Burger
  8. Post 390’s Tavern Burger
  9. Washington Square Tavern’s Burger

[Tip Tap would have been higher except they completely failed on cooking two burgers to temp.]

And photos:

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I used to regularly take the train from the North Shore to Harvard Square exclusively to buy import records at Second Coming and eat a burger at Mr. Bartley’s.

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Next on my list to visit. Haven’t been there in years.

Following. I have only had a handful of those but when I finally get a chance to eat in the city I rarely think about getting a burger.