The Hearth & Hound

The space was nice but the food was more boring than taking sexual harassment training with ken friedman. No wonder why they don’t post their menu online. And of course there’s an automatic 20% “service charge”.

beef tartare with harissa, kamut

salmon with kohlrabi, finger lime

prawns with brown butter, rouille

hanger steak with smoked rub, tuscan kale

s’more - oatmeal cookie, cherry marshmallow


Looks like they brought none of the the great dishes from The Spotted Pig and just decided on a generic/typical LA menu

The name is very LA!

____ and _____

I wonder if they have a blackboard for menu and an old school logo with “Los Angeles Est 2017”

I say we change LA FTC to The Food and The Talk.

“Hi have you been with us before?”
“Let me explain the menu to you”


Thanks @PorkyBelly for taking one for the team.

We were thinking of going months ago, until the sexual harassment issues came up with the owner, and that Chef April Bloomfield knew about the problems but remained silent. :frowning:

I can’t support places like that so I’ll be skipping, but glad to hear we weren’t missing much. Thanks.


I can’t eat there because the name is too, too stupid.


Yep, easy skip for me too. And it’s a bummer because I just had a fantastic meal at the Breslin two months ago. But ya, that team doesn’t get my business.

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Screw the food. Was sommelier Mike effin’ D there?!!!


Not sure how I missed this report. Thanks for taking one for the team. Shame the food sucks cause the space looks awesome.

I enjoyed my meal there.
been to long for me to recall what we had - other than the lamb with carrots (which was awesome).

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Seems like he liked it a lot.

The Cherubic One likes lots of things a lot.

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uh, no that’s very UK


I feel bad for the folks who worked there and were basically collateral damage from her association with her former business partner. Even if the food was good, I don’t think this place ever had a chance.

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Good ol’ Peter and Lois sum it up pretty nicely at 0:09-0:23 of this clip

god i love them… they’re from the 3rd floor… i’m on 4th right now. seen most of the voice over actors here.

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