The Inn at Little Washington

Chef patrick o’connell whimsical three-star restaurant in washington, virgina about 90 minutes outside of DC. And in related news you can dine with mannequins.

Is it considered a bang-bang if you can’t decide which tasting menu to order so you get both? Asking for a friend.

amuse-bouche 1

white truffle popcorn
The best popcorn ever or the greatest popcorn ever? Yes. @TheCookie, @Chowseeker1999

amuse-bouche 2


amuse-bouche 3

baguette and salt-crusted currant rye bread

butter, honey, salt

(here and now menu) a crispy napoleon of chilled maine lobster with imperial osetra caviar in a pool of spicy bloody mary coulis

(the gastronaut’s menu) a tin of sin: imperial osetra caviar with peekytoe crab and cucumber rillette

(here and now menu) a “star-kissed” tuna and foie gras confit awash in a black truffle vinaigrette

(the gastronaut’s menu) carpaccio of herb-crusted elysian fields baby lamb loin with caesar salad ice cream

(here and now menu) “risotto” of sorghum, clams, and rock shrimp with pan seared antarctic sea bass

faira the cow

(the gastronaut’s menu) seafood sausage with tomato-tarragon butter

(the gastronaut’s menu) a “sandwich” of pan-roasted quail with braised endive and huckleberries

(the gastronaut’s menu) a lilliputian mandarin and vanilla dreamsicle

(here and now menu) apparently a pear
Reminded me of a dessert by chef juan contreas at atelier crenn


petit four

no toto


Hi @PorkyBelly,

Thanks for the great report. :slight_smile: So the 2 menus you list throughout… are those the 2 main choices, so you and a guest should choose a different one to try all of the courses?

Overall, what did you think for this Michelin 3 Star? Worth it? Thanks.

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there are actually three menus, the two i posted about and a vegetarian menu. yes, i would recommend getting different menus for the table so you can try ooe course.

overall i really enjoyed it and thought the food, service, and bucolic setting was worth it.


How fun! Crazy. Is that a mannequin in front? Have you been during C19? Was it creepy dining surrounded by mannequins? Can you tell I’m fascinated by the mannequin thing?

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no i was there during the Before Time. that was the friendly doorman out front who greeted me by name.

i wouldn’t mind dining with mannequins, they’d be more pleasant to be with than some diners i’ve seen. i think it’s hilarious the servers will be pouring the mannequins wine and asking them about their evening.


I’d like the mannequins to join my table, that would be more fun. then we can argue who pays for the bill.



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Was it decorated for Christmas still or is it always like that?
And did you get to take home that super cute petit fours box?
What a spectacular meal!

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That meal was in December so that’s why it was all decorated, just getting around to posting about it now.
Yep, you get to take home the cool box too. It folds up easily so you can pack it in your suitcase.