The Kettle Room (@ Ballast Point in Little Italy)

We were fortunate enough to grab a seating at the new The Kettle Room, tucked insde the Ballast Point in Little Italy, and enjoyed a very pleasant meal.

Started off with a sampling of three different apps, the caviar, octopus and the burrata, as well as the suggested beer pairings for each. Really enjoyed the caviar, as their salinity played off well with the potato “chips” and the pickled egg yolk. Good stuff. The octopus was fine, grilled to a nice tender chew.

For entrees we had the risotto, which came with really well prepped mushrooms and highlighted by the pickled rhubarb. Pork belly was fine, but we both thought it was a bit chewy, still good though.

Was hoping for some of Chef MacLaggan Bavarian pretzels. But, alas, not on this evening.

Intimate setting, with impeccable service.

Nice add to the Little Italy dining scene.

The Kettle Room @ Ballast Point
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