The Minty - LA Food Website

After FTC, of course, this has been one of my favorite food sites in Los Angeles. It’s appeal was its prolific number of posts on almost a daily basis. But, in the last several weeks it has gone silent. Just wondering if anyone might know what’s going on.

No slowdown in her Instagram postings.

She’s still around but most website bloggers aren’t as active anymore in general. Very few update regularly now and for the most part engage their followers on instagram or facebook. I would look into that instead

We won


It’s a lot of work to update a website regularly! :slight_smile: but I will say as a former food blogger (rather, someone who published on a personal food blog regularly), there used to be ad money in it, even if it was like $50-100 a month, but that’s all dried up now. From an influence standpoint, it’s just easier to post on Instagram.