The Most Essential Non-Essential Kitchen Gadgets - Lucky Peach

Perhaps we would like to start a thread about our own purchases?

The two that immediately come to my mind are my melon baller that I use maybe every five years. And boiled egg slicer that I use a couple of times a year.

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I need that toast stamper now.

That is really hilarious, isn’t it?!?

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And I am the kind of person that would totally use it to feed the boy and his friends. I’m an evil mommy at times. :sunglasses:

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I use the green bean tool a lot in the season when our CSA is giving us overgrown beans.

I want this. I consider it essential now that I know it exists.

How could a humid environment keep fried chicken crisp?

I give you the RollnPour


I don’t know. I tried to understand the science, but I don’t feel like thinking that much right now, so I am going to assume magic spells are involved somehow.

KFC was the first big company to adopt it. Popeyes uses it too.

Cool . I could see that at a party pouring screwdrivers .

Or for a keg with a broken valve.