The Original Tops Since 1952 - Pasadena

Waze took me right by in the sixth or seventh hour of a long drive and the middle of rush hour so I stopped for a bathroom and hydration. The lemonade was not as charmingly old-school as the menu, decor, and general scene. Allegedly it contained real juice, but it tasted like that nasty powdered stuff to me. Poured most of it out. Bathroom was clean.

In that general vicinity, I like Super Burger. Don’t think there’s an available bathroom.


Best bathrooms in that area is across the 210 FWY overpass at either the Whole Foods, or the Starbucks.

Noah’s Bagels is ok too. Bathrooms, that is.


If you like burgers, try their Kobe Bistro burger (surprisingly very, very good - at least it was back when I was eating meat). Also love Tops’ tostada salads - refried beans (not vegetarian!) at the base of the fried flour tortilla bowl, then lots of fresh greens (that “Spring Mix”), avocado, cheese, pico de gallo, choice of meat, and choice of dressing. Seem to recall liking their breakfast burritos, too, though they don’t hold a candle to those at Lucky Boy on Arroyo Parkway.

Also a fan of their fried zucchini and fries (though even a small is an overwhelming amount!).

Agree on the lemonade - tastes like powdered to me, too, though I will add a bit to a cup of iced tea for an Arnold Palmer.

yep, that tops does a mean fucking kobe beef burger with smoked gouda cheese, a menu addition about a few years ago, and for around 7 or so bucks.


+1 Everything Elsie just said, except I still eat meat. I am usually not a fan of schmancy burgers in the Umami/Father’s Office vein, but the Kobe bistro burger is really very good, especially paired with some onion rings and fried zucchini.

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