The places you eat at most often

I did not. They specialize in Tijuana-style carne asada. It’s grilled over a wood fire. The meat is smoky and flavorful, yet still tender. We love their carne asada tacos and mulitas. Tortillas are handmade. Really good stuff. They also have carnitas and chicken options, but I haven’t tried them.

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Fountain Valley location too eh? So convenient. Bookmarked.

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Am I reading their website right, they they handmake FLOUR tortillas (as well as corn)??


Mannnn handmade flour tortillas are worth their weight in gold. So are corn but hardly anyway does flour…hot damn!

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Patty’s in Claremont does. Pretty good, I like the chile verde burrito. Not sure it is worthy the drive but an “in the area” type place.

I’d rather go to El Monte for Burritos la Palma if going that far for handmade flour tortillas I think haha =P

First post on FTC. Hope this reply improves the conversation in some way, is kind to fellow community members and criticizes ideas, not people.

ASAP Phorage (Playa del Rey) Only get the beef pho. Or the pork banh mi is pretty good. Wouldn’t recommend anything else.
Guerrilla Tacos (Downtown) Probably about once a month. Oddly enough had some of the best waffles there once.
Settebello (Marina del Rey) Margarita pizza is fairly consistent. Being there is kinda a drag.
A-Frame (Culver) The happy hour is so good. The ribs are half price and the cocktails are cheap ish and good. The surfer sandwich is back on the brunch menu, which is smarts.
Sunny Blue (Culver) Right across the street from A-Frame. Omusubiiii.
Guisados (Echo Park) I always get the sampler and am always happy.
Leo’s Tacos (Venice & LaBrea) Always try to stop for an Al Pastor taco or two if I have cash and the line is short.
Tsujita (Sawtelle) I try to get there right before it opens on weekends. Think the tsukemen would be my death row meal.
Mitsuwa (Mar Vista) Typically get the salt ramen from Santouka, but I’ve been trying to get other things. Last time I got the tempura from Hannosuke and thought it was great.
Del Taco (Everywhere) The bean & cheese burrito with red sauce and scorcho hot sauce. Maybe some deluxe fries.
In-N-Out (LAX) The Armen Special (re: Doughboys podcast): animal style AND raw onions.
n/naka (Palms) jk


Welcome to FTC, President_Mochi! An auspicious “first post” indeed!

Santouka: Try the Toroniku special broth (#8).

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Gracias, J_Lo!

Really really appreciate the Santouka recommendation. That’s actually how I found this site; I was looking for Mitsuwa recommendations, which led me to Chowhound, which led me to here. Success.


You’ve just restored my faith in the Internet. Yay.


There is a God. [quote=“Nemroz, post:7, topic:2628”]
i’m not Asian… may come off fetishist
It’s ok, we’re in LA. It’s the life goal of many a Jews to marry a Chinese wife, you won’t be the first, nor the last, fetishist, not even for Chowhound LA.


Olympic Noodles
Sea Harbour
Tel Aviv Grill
Song Phat

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I don’t see how this post would’ve made you seem Asian… :wink:

8/10 lol

LOL - Similar bodies???

I wish someone would pay me to show my booty. (More often than not I’ve been paid to NOT show it.) Oh well, whatever pays for my next hit of well-aged honmaguro akami.

LA nyotaimori hire males. 2 birds, one stone?

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Browsing around and I found this thread. It’s pretty fun. Any changes to your list in the past year or so?

These days, I most frequently eat out at (in no particular order):

  • Lodge Bread - I love that pizza crust.

  • Daikokuya or Ten-Ten - My kind of ramen.

  • Phorage - Eggplant hot-pot and beef pho (hold the beef).

  • Republique - Breakfast and baguettes.

  • Cannibal - The bar is a regular meeting place for me and my Mar Vista/Culver City friends. Great vegetable dishes.

  • Little Fatty - Thursday nights during the boy’s basketball practice, good cocktails, inconsistent food.

  • Gjusta - Tuesday afternoons while I wait to pick up my niece from her acting class.

  • Wexler’s - After Wednesday farmers market, when I go. Matzo ball soup is the best.

And any time I find myself near Hollywood, Petit Trois. I love the happy hour, the omelets, the mussels, and the bread. Cento is where I eat whenever I find myself downtown at lunchtime. I have the best intentions to try other places, but it’s so good, and I’m so rarely in the neighborhood.

Mind you, this is a list of places I eat at when I have a choice in the matter. I also spend far too much time at Dinah’s, Taqueria Sanchez, Blaze Pizza, and Holy Cow.

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Dear Lord, I still eat at the same places most frequently. Don’t know if that makes me really stable or just really boring… I even get the same dishes at the same restaurants…