The places you eat at most often

Here are mine.

Jitlada. Like a beautiful trip on shrooms.
Madcapra. I love everything about this place.
Cafe Gratitude. I am grateful.
Marouch. Hooray for olive oil.
Jeon Ju. I’m addicted to the bibimbap.
Gamja Bawi. I’m addicted to the bibimbap.
Soban. Everything is good.
Au Lac. Some duds on the menu, but mostly very good and healthy.
Zankou Chicken. Like a fruit that’s ripe for the pickin’.

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  • Gelson’s: the salad bar and 1/2 sandwich + 2 sides are both surprisingly cost-effective options (you have to learn to pick and choose, obviously, w/ the salad bar); it’s also literally next door to one of my offices
  • California Chicken Cafe: I really like the chicken pasta salad, the cesar salad, and the combo wrap
  • Siam Chan and All India Grill: delivery makes dinner so much easier… Love the Jun Pu at Siam Chan and the lamb masala at All India Grill
  • Tender Greens: I’m sort of addicted to the falafel wrap there
  • Literati: only b/c it’s almost directly across the street; the cobb salad is good, as is the portobello mushroom sandwich; the mint lemonade is excellent (Tender Greens pales in comparison, in this one regard)
  • Beni-Tora: love the giant gyoza and the white dan dan mien

If we could afford it, we’d probably be a Gjusta, like, daily. :wink:


Grand Central Market - Horse Thief BBQ and Belcampo. Must hit at least one of these up when there, sometimes both. Brisket and Burgers are phenomenal.

Sotto - Excellent apps, pizze, paste, and wines!

Factory Kitchen - Love the apps, paste, and wines!

Kickin’ Crab - Combo #1 - 1lb shrimp, 1lb clams, 1lb crawfish, extra sausage, Kickin’-style, Spicy. I can eat this weekly.

Long Beach Thai Restaurant - Spicy roasted duck curry noodle is THE BOMB!

Koshiji Yakitori - Love the service, food, and feel of this place. Marginally close to home, so it’s an easy pick.

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Beverly Soon, Pailin, Jus’Poke, Lemonade, Gjelina Take Away, Night Market Song.

Dan Tanas
Pollo las Brisas
Trimana - its in my building
Chi Spaca - not most often but a major favorite
Sushi Sushi
Shamshari Grill

Lemonade. I work at USC and they have one on campus.
BS Taqueria. Beet Torta. Churros!
Madcapra. Green falafel and beet soda.
Broken Spanish. Refried lentils, mushrooms, beet pibil, chile mango dessert.
Bar Ama. Vegan queso and cauliflower.
Sugarfish. It has price and proximity on its side.

Your mileage may vary, especially if you aren’t fond of beets.


i don’t want to tell you. It’s going to make me sound like i’m Asian but i’m not Asian… may come off fetishist

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Barbrix - it’s walking distance from my house. Not mind blowing but always very satisfying.
OB Bear - Love the tong-dak especially since I’m on a low carb diet.
Ssam - My new favorite joint for kbbq. The Ssam combo at $120 is such a great deal.
L&E Oysters - Best oysters in the city and their cooked dishes are no slouch either.

Work westside and live downtown so most often eat at the same places for lunch.

Mitsuwa (Centinela) food court - all of it especially the ignored curry and udon joints. great qpr.
Samosa House
El Huarique
Qin West (Chinatown)
Shamshiri Grill
Attari Sandwich shop
800 Degrees (Westwood) -potd only
Hop Li (Chinatown)
Patra Burger (EP)
LA Pizza Company
Sri Siam

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Have you not noticed a major drop in quality at OB Bear? Used to eat there at least monthly but I heard they booted all the longtime kitchen halmonis about a year or two ago. Everything was kinda imperfect after that. I haven’t been since I ordered their spicy wings and got fried chicken wings with sauce on the side. Apostasy.

I have not. Their tong-dak is still as good as ever and my other go to dish there is the soondae bokkum.

Or you could’ve told us and simply not have revealed your ethnicity… Although I guess it’s too late for that?

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Top Round
Brent’s Deli
Salsa & Beer (NoHo)
Din Tai Fung

Hi megbeck. I like your choices! Any plans for Valentine’s Day? I am 6’ tall, Ivy League graduate. I like dogs, beets, long walks, sunsets, getting lost, and not taking life too seriously!

Man, I barely return regularly to places. I used to dine at least monthly at Chi Spacca, but stopped once Colby left.

It seems, according to my bank statement that by far my most common return spots are:

Ruen Pair

(The first two are gone to much more than any other by a large margin it seems)

Guerilla Tacos
Night + Market
Lodge Bread
Odys & Penelope
Chichen Itza
Button Mash (This is probably going to fall off though…I’ve sort of tried everything there now)

Tender Green’s
Bay Cities Italian Deli
The Orginal Pancake House
Din Tai Fung
Ricky’s Fish Tacos
Costco Snack Bar
Maple Block
800 Degrees
In 'N Out

How often do you hit these places? You’ve filled out like 50% of your eating schedule even if it’s just once a month! haha

Portsmouth (Whittier) seriously, like once a month…sometimes twice. Oysters, lobsters, eat it all.
Clearman’s Steak N’Stein (Pico Rivera). A whole meal is fantastic, but happy hour hits the spot and I love the fire pit.
Bizarra Capital (Whittier) The food and drinks here are spot on.
Phlight (Whittier) I love sitting at the bar and watching the kitchen staff work. Perfect for tapas and wine.
La Tavolata (Cerritos) Housemade pasta in a small place where the sauces are as terrific as the pasta. The smoked chicken tortellini sells out for good reason.
North Shore Poké (Cerritos) Because sometimes you just need poké.
Kebab Krush (Artesia) The garlic sauce and the filet need kebabs are so good, and the family who owns this place is so nice. The keftka is dry, though.
Bellhana Sushi (Bellflower) Sometimes you just need AYCE sushi.
Koi Restaurant (Seal Beach) For the days you need real omakase. Sit at the sushi bar with Taka-san and tell him you like everything.
Los Compadres (Norwalk) Home-style Mexican food and fabulous margaritas. I love the carnitas and tacos.
Amor Y Tacos (Cerritos) Elevated Mexican food and artisan cocktails.
Lock & Key Social Drinkery (Downey) Cauliflower buffalo, bacon candy, and any of their artisan/hipster cocktails will make you happy.
Fogo de Chao
The Bazaar


An OC take…

Shuck (dinner at SOCO always starts here)
Tio Flaco’s Tacos
Plum’s Cafe
Taqueria Zamora

When I worked in Irvine, regular lunch options included:
Chicken Maison
Le Diplomate Cafe
Bella Cuba
Mick’s Karma Bar

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@OCSteve, did you post about Tio Flacos yet? I missed it if you did but have it on my list.