The Po Boy Thread

I’ve been on a quest to find a decent po boy from a place not called “Orleans & York” or “Little Jewel”. This is where we currently stand:

  1. Rajun Cajun [Truck] - their claim to fame is winning some food network show. Their food is pretty decent overall. With regards to the poboy, the shrimp are smaller than par, and when you get catfish they are tiny strips. Bread is actually pretty good with a mild crust, reminiscent of Jersey Mike’s bread. A variety of hot sauces available. This is a pretty decent utility po boy. Around $9.

  1. Keep It C’asian [Truck] - billed as Cajun x Asian. Shrimp are slightly larger than average with a non-cornmeal batter. Unfortunately their “secret sauce” tasted like mayo x ketchup, and the bread was all wrong - just too much bread with the wrong texture. $12.50. I will return for their other items, which looked delicious.

Pic from yelp of oyster poboy:

  1. Les Sisters, Chatsworth - Shrimp are slightly larger than average. 8 pieces of shrimp per poboy (unfortunately I forget what kind of batter at the moment). Their catfish poboys are 1 giant slab of cornmeal breaded catfish. Bread is funky, but works, and slightly better than average. Tomatoes are diced. Around $9 for lunch, $12 for dinner (dinner comes with 1 side)

  1. Sweet Salt - Toluca Lake - a totally non traditional take on a po boy. Seasoned pan shrimp, served on ciabatta. Has chimichurri to give it that X factor, as well as lays potato chips for texture. Strange, but amazing. Around $11.


Let us know when you try Bayou Grill and Stevie’s

Unfortunately on the wrong side of the city for me, but I bookmarked them both.

If you find yourself in Pasadena, they’re on the menu at Big Mama’s Rib Shack on North Lake.

I recall them being good, but…

  1. I’ve never had a po’boy anywhere else and thus have no frame of reference.
  2. It was years ago and I’ve not been back after discovering that their “meatless” sides were cooked in strained meat broth (my fault for assuming that meatless = vegetarian; I have no idea if they’ve since changed that practice but the menu wording is the same - probably should call and ask at some point).

Little Jewel does a great soft shell crab po boy.

And the Paninotecta at Montage does one great fried shrimp po boy, even if the bread isn’t exactly correct.

The Little Easy in DTLA and New Orleans Fish Market in South LA.

Supreme Plate in Rancho Cucamonga.


@Ns1 Are you looking for shrimp versions only? The one served at my regular joint is fantastic. They make them in oyster (which I prefer) and shrimp. I only wish that they chose a roll instead of ciabatta.
13103 Penn St Whittier, CA, 90602
(562) 789-9700

I like catfish and shrimp.

I love Portsmouth, they’re just so damn far away from the West Valley…

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Gulfstream in Century City mall has the best oyster po’ boy I’ve ever eaten in L.A. The oysters are lightly breaded and fried so quickly they are barely cooked. Also, Gulfstream has Crystal hot sauce, which cinches it for me.

But they’re no more. Shuttered forever.

it’s a little dark lighting-wise: i was there for the live blues on saturday nights.

R&J in downey also does a decent (there is no such thing as an authentic po boy to be found in LA IMO) one:

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Great. They’re never going to finish that mall. It was like Mad Max post-apocalyptic last time I was there.

Doesn’t the Original Farmers Market have a Louisiana place? I’ve never had po’ boys there, but I liked the jambalaya and something else.

Yep. It’s called the Gumbo Pot. I dig their red beans and rice, but their po boys can definitely be skipped.

I thought the Paninoteca closed when Georgie took over from Scarpetta.

I thought I mentioned once did.

Yes, it’s closed.