The Sale Thread

Can we get sale thread or a thread with good deals? Like whole foods Mary’s Chicken or some restaurant having a good deal?


Did Wally’s Tent Sale today. Even under new management (I missed last year’s) it seemed similar to what it was in the past. Deals are mostly on pricey Bordeaux/Burgundy new releases. A couple good liquor deals and as usual all the best bargains were inside the Cheese Box. Highlights were:

Parmigianio Reggiano
Brebirousse (in tiny packages)
Manuka Salmon
Pork Pistachio Pate
Bernheim Wheated Bourbon ($5 less than K&L which usually can compete with the tent sale prices)

Nice discounts on stemware too.

Thank you!
Was at the farmers market on the banner outside it said chicken was on sale for $3.49lb. Can’t remember what kind.

Can you remember which farmer’s market? :wink: Or should I take “the” to mean “The Original Farmer’s Market?”

:wink:Yes, The (pronounced thee) original farmers market.

Was back over there today. Jidori chicken. What is that?

Jidori started out in LA local, free range chicken, you see the name on restaurant menus and can get whole chicken with feet on if you want

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Sort of in the food realm. Artisinal LA is having early bird ticket pricing for their Spring Event. Only $8 for a one day ticket, offer expires March 1.

I’ve enjoyed their past events, walk around check out the local producers, try some samples. I’ve picked up a couple of things.

Free Scoop of McConnell’s Ice Cream Thursday 2/25 only from 3pm-8pm at their new Studio City Location 12075 Ventura Place.

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Thank you both. Going to look up artisinal la.

Blackboard Eats has a 30% off Sidecar Doughnuts special through April 25th. If you are a Citi cardmember, you also get a free small coffee.


Whole foods has Mary’s Organic Whole Chicken Fryer already cooked 2.29lb.

I’ve seen this roasted bird at the WFs in Venice and I think El Segundo as well. Don’t recall seeing it at Playa Vista. I’ve tried and not cared for WF’s regular roast chicken - kinda dry and somewhat bland - so I never considered trying the Mary’s version. Has anyone tried it?

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I’ve gotten the roasted Mary’s chicken at the WF on Fairfax near The Farmers Market several times, with various seasonings. (I think I’ve had the Lemon Pepper, the Tequila Lime, and Lemon Thyme.) They were still fairly bland, even with the seasonings,although sometimes very juicy, depending upon how long they had been sitting in the warming tray. (Each package has a little clock face printed on the side which they say shows the time it was put out.)

at $2.29lb, this is still expensive for one chicken right? about $10-$12?

Yep --usually $9 to $10, given the standard size for the chickens. (Certainly can’t beat those Costco roast chickens – a guilty, and inexpensive pleasure…)

whole foods 3rd/Fairfax
Air Chilled Chicken Wings

$2.99 / lb
Regular $3.99 / lb
you save $1
Valid 3/2 - 3/8

70 cent hot dog on a stick every tuesday in march


Pizzas for $3.14 at Pitfire on 3/14 until 3:14pm - Pi Day promotion. Must show proof that you follow them on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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3.14 pizzas at blaze pizza all day on 3/14

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