The Serving Spoon in Inglewood for Lunch

I’d forgotten about this place, the only place in Los Angeles that serves chitlins. Decided to try on a Friday afternoon, since the only serve chitlins on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I thought a Friday would not be busy, having read on Yelp about the wait on weekends. I was wrong.

There was a crowd of folks waiting outside, so perhaps any day has a wait. Think we waited around 30 minutes, and got seated at the counter. The service was excellent, every staff members keep an eye out.

Felt like getting some bubbly!

So I ordered chitlins with french fries and greens. The greens were excellent and fries great. The chitlins were like being transported to Paris! Andouillette heaven! The flavorings were the same! It was so tender and well flavored, I didn’t add anything, such as hot sauce.

Husband got the fried catfish sandwich. He felt it needed some kick, so he added hot sauce. He got it with a side of black eye peas. He said they were great.

We definitely want to go back. I just wish they served the chitlins during the week, also.

A good reminder!!


Love their breakfast. Best Grit in town…

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Great spot. Just don’t order a extra side of collards, they’ll slap on a SGV style vege surcharge.

Went back for for more chitilins. This time got mashed potatoes with gravy as a side. Highly recommend! Get extra gravy!

Husband got the fried catfish. Excellent! It does take around 25 minutes, so be prepared for a short wait.