The Stinking Rose BH

You’re fucking welcome…

(Credits entirely the Stinking Rose/Yelp)

And, I know this is what you came for…

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that prime rib doesn’t look too bad actually. that martini looks appalling though - like a tomato on pastrami.


Dat steak dow!

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it’s all about the steak baby!

(great thread jj!)


I dunno but I think the shank looks Oscar the grouch.

So you didn’t actually go to the SR?

Not yet! But a virtual foray certainly piqued my interest. I’m sure there will come a day when I don’t want to go to matsuhisa, fogo or lawrys instead. To hell with the lobster at Newport too.

The land is for sale so enjoy while you can….

My point is that anyone can yelp Restaurant X online, rip photos, and post a thread

But c’mon… This is FTC, man - we want a personal, in-depth critique of The Stinking Rose, yo…

Anyone can no one does
Folks have linked all sorts of lists and articles
Maybe this will inspire someone to delve further into the beyond

That gave me the much needed fucking impetus to hit that shit up again.

Hmm I wonder why.

Lists and links does not equal an entire thread for a place none of us have actually visited (the key concept here being “actually visited”).

Look I want FTC to succeed as much as you do - but let’s not build it based on content like this.

It’s a conversation starter not a statement.
I don’t have a problem with it. If you do I don’t have a problem with that.
We wonder what goes on in there.
Curiousity satisfied not just for me apparently.
I post plenty of original content and am free to mix it up.
Not looking for a Pulitzer.

Just my 2 cents, certainly no one died and left me in charge - and I neither want, nor possess the power to censor anyone - but I personally find a bunch of pictures ripped from the web of minimal value here.
Though, I admit, I do occasionally grab a yelp shot to push a conversation, so, WTF do I know???

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I think you guys should lighten up.

Nobody has gone or is going to SR.

If you want to burn the cash and school me, I’d love it.

It’s a fucking joke … Get it ?

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Exactly.I took this post in the spirit in which it was intended: an amusing post to keep this long-running joke going.


I shall hit it up once again pretty fucking shortly.

It saddens me that it took so long to hit up my favorite steak in town once again.

I’m getting hungry now.

Is it fucking lunch time ???

I think it’s fine.

But for a split second I was about to say is this JJ or Wiener ??? sorry Wiener. :slight_smile:

fair enough

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