The Trouble with the Michaels

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Whether a preview appears or not seems to depend on the site you’re linking to. I don’t think there’s any way to affect whether it happens or not by doing something in a post.

So nothing has changed in the 15 years since Maile Carpenter wrote “Eating in Michael Bauer’s Town” (which was a finalist for a James Beard award).

It’s hard to believe the Chronicle’s publisher really believes that Bauer “conducts his work with the highest level of professionalism” when he has been socializing for years with chefs and owners of restaurants he reviews. It’s a level of conflict of interest that would get him fired from most publications.

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I thought it was particularly interesting that they pointed out that the NYT changes his equivalent frequently whereas he’s had his job forever.

Bauer was for most of that 30 years the head of the food department, so as a reviewer he was his own boss.

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