THE Tsujita vs. Tsujita (Sawtelle) vs. Tsujita Annex: 3 Temples of Porky Ramen & Tsukemen



I’m not sure if I mentioned this yet, but you’re doing god’s work my friend.

This post may be the catalyst to get me to finally check out Tsujita…at the Glendale location.


Hi @Ns1,

Thanks. :slight_smile: Wait, you’ve never been Tsujita yet? :open_mouth: I figured you would’ve tried their original location a few times already.

But definitely give their new location a try, especially since their OG staff is there. Hope you like it. :wink:

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I have only had it via leftovers from the wife. I’ve been to Mumbai more times in the last decade than I’ve been to Sawtelle…


Ramen leftovers :rolling_eyes:

mmmm ramen leftovers.

Playing my finger violin again for you. :wink:

I bet I know which finger.



Is this their standard Tonkotsu ramen? It certainly doesn’t mention anything special like this on the menu.

still haven’t visited the Glendale location. I just might now. Thanks!

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Thanks for the report and discovering the origin of the staff at the Glendale location. I really enjoyed my visit and have been wanting to go back for a few weeks now.

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Hi @Ns1,

No it’s not. That’s what makes the Ramen at The Tsujita in Glendale unique. Normally the Ramen (not Tsukemen) at their original locations is a pure Tonkotsu (Pork Bone) only.

But the OG staff decided to try a Tonkotsu-Gyokai style Ramen at The Tsujita in Glendale, making it one of the few places in L.A. that offer this. I thought it was great. :slight_smile:

Sitting here right now and I don’t see that anywhere. Just a pork or chicken ramen. Whomp whomp.

Lots of tables open at 12:15 guess the hype is gone.

Hi @Ns1,

It’s not listed on the menu that way. It just is (they didn’t change the wording).

But you can ask the staff if unsure.

Hope you like it! :slight_smile:

(try a Small Tsukemen, and a Small Ramen ;))

Guess I’ll have to come back later on. Dear god this corner is a heavy hitting corner of eats - Tsujita, shake shack, philz, dtf…

Wait, why do you want to go back later (leave)? :slight_smile:

Their Tsukemen is really their standout item (Dipping Ramen) if you’ve never had it before.

But just order their Tonkotsu Ramen and it’ll be their Tonkotsu Gyokai style broth if you prefer that. :slight_smile:

Phew… thought another one was going to bite the dust.

Only in jest.

Hi @Ns1 and all,

OK, it seems that the change is happening sooner than expected:

  • As of today / tomorrow, their Tonkotsu-Gyokai Ramen Broth will be available upon request only.

The menu is changing back to their pure Tonkotsu-Only (Pork Bone) Broth for Ramen this week. :frowning:

Apparently the locals won out, and wanted Tonkotsu-only for the Ramen, sad.

Guys. I feel sick. My veins have pork fat running through them.

So after all that time, I will admit this bowl was pretty good. Individual components very well executed. BUT. There is no craveability for me here. I didn’t finish the soup. I have no desire to eat this again.

$19 all in, no drinks.