The Valley Finally Gets Some Love From LA Times

that’s a bit overstating it :sweat_smile: I didn’t really “get it” the first time, but after the second time I found myself strangely craving it.

really depends on what you’re getting. Joe’s takeout is atrocious - they put the entire combo in a plastic to go container, so by the time you’ve reached your destination the salad has completely wilted due to the heat of the entree.

fyi they got new management or ownership a few weeks back. (I assume this is the place on Camarillo you’re talking about)

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Good call! I forgot about this place. Had it a few times and liked it better than Takatis, though Takatis is a much larger restaurant with a much more varied menu.

For me an underrated burger place in Woodland Hills is Boulevard Burgers.

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We had a thread on SFV restaurants before here on FTC.

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Blackbottom’s food is still good. Unfortunately they dropped Hummingbird cake from the menu. Neither my wife nor myself care that much about dessert, but we both loved it. The unfortunate tendency to try and make soul food “healthy” isn’t quite so prevalent with the new management. While I still wish they had more fat on their excellent brisket the last greens I had had pork in them.
The laffa bread from Joe’s really seals the deal for me - that and the hot sauce for my falafels.

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Ah yes in the wraps department Joes is indeed superior. My vote for entrees goes to Skaf’s with their awesome cabbage salad, but out of the 3 my money goes to Hayat the most often.

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Oh yes Skaf’s cabbage salad is the bomb!!!

Yeah, this is on my SFV list. Went tonight to Salsa & Beer NoHo. I put a fork on the plate on the second photo so you could see how enormous it is )


Asada y Camarones


bru…where did you get a fork so small


Did Shin Sushi make the list?

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As I was posting I was thinking it looks like a seafood fork!! Glad I wasn’t alone!

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Small fork? Or big food!!!

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I don’t think any sushi places made the list except Asanebo (which is far more than a sushi joint) and Sushi Iki. None of the places on sushi row - Ventura between Laurel and Tujunga - including the original Katsu-ya (I know its not traditional sushi, but its good) - what’s up with that?

I’d like to see Daichan on more lists.


Is there a better general Japanese restaurant in the valley than daichan? If there is, I would like to know about it.



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So the OG Katsuya is actually good?

That’s the place I’ve been going to the longest on Ventura

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It’s adequate. Probably not worth a drive.

Every time I order this dish I wonder why I don’t come here more often.


this guys came out of NOWHERE - they’re now up to 5 locations in the SFV.

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