The Valley Finally Gets Some Love From LA Times

Best of The Valley from LA Times. Did your favorites make it?


Angel’s Tijuana Tacos:

they’re doing something right because they’re now up to 3 locations - Sylmar, NoHo, Glassel Park

Bill’s Burgers:

Pretty tasty, can’t say I would drive for them, but I do crave them now. $8 + 30 minute wait for a double cheeseburger w/ bacon and a canned coke. Not exactly a premier burger ingredients wise, but pretty damn satisfying and leaves a great aftertaste. The article fails to mention Bill can only make 9 patties at a time on that tiny griddle…so ~6 burgers each round.

Hayat’s Kitchen

Still legit after all these years - IMO the “hidden gem” is the garlic/herb chicken wings. My god.

Jinya Ramen Bar

Say what y’all want, they are pretty damn consistent for a franchise and they actually offer a wide variety of different bowls.


Re: Jinya, if I recall correctly the one by the Marshall’s on Ventura is the first one. Might have actually been the first legit ramen I ever had when it opened.

yeah that’s the one I recall being the first, but I go to the one in Burbank - quality (and poor service) is the same.

I really don’t know how Casa Vega keeps making these lists. You don’t see Gilbert’s El Indio or El Cholo on westside lists, yet somehow Casa Vega gets a pass for the valley.


I truly do love Brent’s Deli. So glad they made the list…


You can saunter down the block and hangout at the bar while you wait for your order.

You can saunter down the block and hangout at the bar while you wait for your order.

If I’m making the drive and wait, I want that burger in my mouth as soon as it’s ready.

that said, which bar do you speak of?

I think these are good! There are some Tijuana style asada and chorizo spots around town that I prefer, but Angel’s is one of few that does legit pastor/adobada. I feel like you can really taste the Middle Eastern/Shawarma influence in their spice blend.


Kobee Factory and Syrian Kitchen:

I liked the place, have been there several times. Went after reading J Gold.

Hayat’s was a favorite. But they seriously neglected me twice while waiting for a table. So I said F—- it I’m never going back. But, I really need to get over it. Garlic fries go with everything. And Mr. NS1 is correct about those garlic wings.

If you need to have cocktails why isn’t Sol Y Luna or Salsa & Beer better than Casa Vega? If you don’t need hard booze, there are 20 million Mexican places I’d rather eat at.

Has anyone tried Pablito’s Tacos? They have 2 locations, one just opened as a popup at Vivian’s Millennium Cafe in Studio City. I haven’t but I will get there soon.

Seconded… What bar is near Bill’s? There a liquor store on Kester just north of Oxnard, but I’m stumped what bar is “down the block” @Sgee …

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did any peruvian spot get a shout? i still go to takatis. and i adore Buenos Aires Mercado

I see Bawarchi moved to the valley? same as culver spot?

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I have been to the Victory location which is next to their day job - a Peruvian joint.

I would not describe it as drive worthy but certainly better than anything in the area for locals. Hand made tortillas, wood fire, the whole deal. Biggest surprise for me though was the cafe de olla which they keep warm in a pitcher on the griddle. Coffee was so good I had multiple cups at 10pm.


Thanks for the info. So does the “Mexican” food have a Peruvian take?

Night owl :slight_smile:

Not the items I ordered but they do slang a lomo saltado taco.


+1 @Gr8pimpin

I made the drive once because Peruvian/TJ tacos sounded awesome. They were pretty good, and I had a nice night in Burbank and went to Tony’s Darts Away for a beer after, but I’m not desperate to go back or anything.

Cafe de olla sounds great, but I can’t do it at night. Anyone know if the restaurant serves it during the day?

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I do not see it on the menu

You can see the pitcher here, in the top left corner of the griddle. I guess it’s not really a pitcher…and I also guess the menu has more Peruvian options than I remembered.


bummer, and thanks! I guess I could have done that research myself…

Maybe that’s the move next time I’ve got an all-nighter to pull.

fwiw I didn’t find the coffee particularly strong - it did have a nice balance between bitter and sweet, without being too sweet. It wasn’t like drinking turkish or vietnamese coffee, more like drinking hot, cinnamon flavored cold brew.

Practically none of mine did. Puro Sabor for Peruvian, District Pub for sausages and burgers, The Blue Dog for burgers and when I want to take the dog out, Wood and Water for New American, The Bellwether has gone downhill somewhat, but they still have some excellent choices, Lola’s Pollo la Braza for wood roasted chicken, Don Adrian’s for Cemitas Poblanas, Mom’s BBQ for fried chicken (not bbq), Blackbottom Cafe for brisket and smoked chicken. I love Skaf’s but to be honest Joe’s Falafel is better. My one experience at Bill’s was mediocre, but I will have to try it again if @Ns1 loves it.