The Valley Inn fried chicken

I’d never even heard of the Valley Inn until yesterday. It’s off Ventura in Sherman Oaks, west of the 405 and south of Ventura.

Met up with some old friends yesterday who try to meet up at “venerable” neighborhood spots around town. We’re thinking of Taylor’s or Damon’s for the next one, something like that.

Anyway – I’ve only been there once so this is a quick review:

Really good fried chicken, probably very good fried chicken. Crispy skin, extremely juicy white and dark meat. The order comes with half a chicken. It’s interesting, if you want the chicken they recommend you order it along with your initial drink order because it takes 35 minutes to prepare. The chicken dinner came with a potato (the usual – baked, mashed, steak fries – I had baked), soup or salad (lentil or just a regular salad, I think they had caesar too), vegetables and a pitcher of gravy.

Two of us had the chicken, three ordered steaks. Really recommend the fried chicken. Our dinner was 55 apiece (we split even, so I don’t know the breakdown of chicken vs steak) and that included a couple of bottles of wine we brought and there was a corkage fee – I don’t know how much. I’d like to go back for a drink, they bill themselves as a martini bar. I was going to order one, but my friends brought the wine and it was a Monday night so …

The vibe was “old school Valley” restaurant.

We had fun, will return and will rec to my friends in the SFV.

Valley Inn Restaurant and Martini Bar
4557 Sherman Oaks Ave, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(818) 784-1163