The World’s Best Food Market Is Being Built in L.A



backed by no other than Bill Chait + Friends. Wasn’t quiet for long after Sprout…

God these guys must be throwing so much f’ng money at this thing.

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To save the click through to the other site, here’s the highlights:

Until now, that was just some foodie fantasy baseball; soon it will be a delicious reality at the Tartine Manufactory in Los Angeles, a collaboration between Tartine’s husband-and-wife team Chad Robertson and Elisabeth Prueitt, and Bianco, with managing partner and legendary area restauranteur Bill Chait (Bestia, Republique, Otium), to name the headliners. It’s due to open in October at the Row DTLA, a 30-acre mixed use complex of renovated buildings, and will be a vast, 38,500-square-foot, two-story food hall with an amalgamation of premium breads and baked goods, pizza, ice cream, coffee, and almost every other currently craveable food, produced in house to a truly astonishing extent.

The street-level floor will be home to, among other things: a coffee lab; bakery; market and market restaurant (which will serve the aforementioned Bianco pizza); and a more ambitious, dinner-only restaurant that will also be a collaboration between the Tartine crew and Bianco.

Downstairs will be the mill, as well as a serious coffee roaster and butchery with a meat dry-aging meat room. There are plans for a brewery.


Pizzeria bianco from phoenix pizza ?

Whens it opening ? Where

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What’s a “coffee lab”?

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something like this:

Isn’t this sort of the same kind of food/groceries that Eately will offer in Century City?

i’m not seeing a problem here.


True. That means no one has to drive anywhere.

Wow, Chris Bianco’s coming to LA!

This sounds a lot more ambitious than the SF one.

Looks like the Smorgasburg campus.

The big difference being Eataly is offering touristy Italian kitsch that does not compare to Tartine bread.

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If they can pull it off, it will be incredible. Here’s hoping. Quite an ambitious project.

The real question is will it have these:

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Tartine Bakery in SF is pretty touristy. Strike that, it’s really touristy.


I mean, it is an institution that became touristy due to the popularity of its baked goods. The distinction from Eataly is obvious. The one question in my mind is whether Tartine can really maintain its quality with this kind of expansion. I doubt it but hope so.

Eatatly (at least in NYC) offers many quality products, Italian and otherwise.

So, no, the distinction (at least your distinction) is not obvious.

Well said . Beware .

I can’t speak to the original Eataly in Torino. But the New York Eataly was a corporate creation designed for tourists. It was a celebrity chef, investment bank partnership that opened an Italian concept in a high rent area of New York. It opened to lines down the block. It is not a local institution from a once-run down area that became popular through its sheer quality. It is a designed and well-executed tourist trap.

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Have you been?

I know many many locals (from Greenwich, Flatiron, LES, etc.) who all shop there, and enjoy shopping there.

Yes, tourists flock there, but this is Manhattan. Tourists are only outnumbered by cockroaches in the city.