The Yard Taco [Long Beach]

Do you like tacos gobernador?

Do you like carne asada?

What about carne asada with your tacos gobernador?

Then get yourself to The Yard Taco in Long Beach. As the name suggests, it’s a taco stand in the middle of someone’s yard.

But back to the food. Or more precisely the tacos gobernador. They take a classic tacos gobernador (did I just say classic tacos gobernador? WTF), and add some carne asada, top it with their take on curtido, and then drizzle the entire thing with the house special (or is it yard special?) Mexican crema, which resembles a mix of Mexican crema mixed with Tobasco sauce.

It’s good stuff.

Open only on Friday nights, after sunset to whenever the food runs out.

The Yard Taco
1112 East 72nd St (between Orange and Myrtle, just south of Alondra)
Long Beach