"This Giant $1,200 Las Vegas Steak Is a Fitting Feast for the Large-Format Era"

I especially chuckled over this:

" So it makes sense that for some denizens of Las Vegas, America’s empire of excess, only steak for 12 will do – at a cost of $1,200,"

And this:

"“The larger and the more obnoxious an entrée is, the more the guests dig on it,” ’

And this:

"“Everybody got up and circled the cutting board with their iPhones. "

Tacky? Pretentious? Gauche? Shiver :frowning:

Oh well its Vegas . At a hundred bucks per person without drinks and tip . You go big . Ya eat you gamble , see some shows . The city of , " I’m all in ." I’ll be there in October for my nephews wedding for two nights . I need at least 1,200 in my pocket for when I get back to the hotel .

We’ll be there in October also…to see Jimmy Buffett. Two nights. One dinner, one lunch. We’re here in Reno and most people we’ve told about our trip, go ‘yuck. Hate Vegas.’ To each his own.

Congrats! Which day if you don’t mind me asking?

26th is the wedding. I’ll be there the 25th .

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Their just jealous. Lol .

LOL indeed. Reno has changed HUGELY. Actually has a couple of high end hotels that are non-gaming and non-smoking. The downtown and now midtown area are just great. And to stay on-topic there seem to be more restaurants in Reno that all over the place price-wise. We can have a really super dinner for two with wine for under $100. And, except for a very few restaurants in a very few casino hotels, NO pretension. My two cents :smile:

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