Thoughts on a restaurant similar to JiRaffe?

We always loved JiRaffe, as a great combination of excellent and innovative cooking, a large menu and a fun atmosphere. Sorry it shuttered. Also sad about Joe’s! With a daughter returning home from college we’d like to take her out to a place that’s similar – offering a variety of outstanding Cal-French dishes, good wine list and comfortable but upscale atmosphere. We have a rezzie at Odys + Penelope, which we very much like. She’s been to Rustic Canyon, Mozza, Son of A Gun, Wilshire (that’s faded, sad to say), Factory Kitchen, Sadie, Playa Provisions lately. My wife and I have recently been to Hinoki, Republique, Moruno (great but LOUD), Baco Mercat, Redbird, Ludlow’s, the Wallace (we live in Culver City area, so we’ve been to just about everything there many times) and will try to snag something at Bestia over the summer, but am really looking for a “new” California French cuisine type place. Perhaps their day has come and gone. Melisse is good but a little too stuffy, as is Providence. Have not tried Church + State, is that what I’m looking for? Thanks in advance!!

Cassia in Santa Monica is one of my new favorites. The food and room are truly wonderful. More California-Vietnamese with a little French touches. Enjoy.



Cal French I would say Republique (if you liked it enough to return).

Along the same lines as JiRaffe (which I really disliked so take my recs with a grain of salt) are the Goin establishments: Tavern, Lucques, AOC

I’ve never been but maybe Spring?