Thoughts on Pace Lauren Canyon?

What’s the consensus?

enjoy the drive

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It’s fine. Not a bad meal at all, though personally I would drive further for better.

like what?

Like everything else we discuss on this board.

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Sigh …

Bestia, Sotto, Factory Kitchen ad infinitum

Just if you happen to live there ?

Curious if anyone has been at Pace recently and how is it?
I remember dining there about 2010 and liking at quite a bit but that’s ancient history.

I’ve been sometime in the past year (And many times before that) and would agree with the comments already made. A great place when you need a nearby dinner spot to catch up with friends, not a place I would drive out of my way for an incredible meal. Last time I went I didn’t notice any difference in quality from previous visits.


that is exactly what I need for the evening next week!