Threaded display for topics?

Is it possible or am I missing something? Right now it seems hard to follow long discussions as replies to specific posts show up twice.

This might say how to do it, if it’s possible:

Can someone figure out if it does say how to do it, please? I tried reading that discussion and now I have a headache.


There was much to like about the Chowhound format. But the core of it was so disjointed.

Like going to a steakhouse. No matter how good the creamed spinach and flourless chocolate cake are, if the steak is dry, gristled and overcooked, then it’s hard to like the restaurant.

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You mean the pre-CNET funky super-slow one? Because I think it was the very first CNET makeover that capped nesting display at the 4th or 5th level, after which everything was confusing.

Discourse has a very sophisticated quote feature that makes everything clear if people use it. Everyone knows how to follow and take part in an unthreaded linear discussion since that’s how people talk in the real world.

I looked through the linked thread and as far as I can tell there is no way to do it, and even though the problem was described pretty well, the response was generally dismissive.

This post by Discourse’s founder may help explain the “it’s not a problem” attitude:

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Interesting link - My argument is clearly from my own preferences, but I’m not so sure the conversation metaphor is salient. Like many things, there’s no arguing with taste - I prefer the old chowhound threading model, other people don’t. What’s weird to me is that it seems like it could so easily be a user-level preference without having any particular consequence to the quality of the site content. That’s how it’s done in the forums, and I haven’t noticed any particular problem there that would be solved by using another model.

(on edit) Surely I may get used to it, but it seems self-evidently problematic if multiple new users think it’s an actual bug in the s/w (specifically that the same comment can appear in multiple places on the page) and not a designed feature. But this discussion probably belongs on the Discourse forums not here!