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Thrillist ? Seriously Ipse ?

Yes, Thrillist.


ThrilliSt lists can be a bit cheesy and hipsterish, but I think the did a pretty decent job with this one

Most list are useless but I always find the ones from Thrillist especially awful and Erin Jackson’s posts/reviews were always a low point on their page

Gotta marvel at the picture of the Balboa burger. Is there anyone that can actually fit that thing into their mouth? Burgers like these seem to be huge piles of everything imaginable, Might as well serve it in a bowl. Probably tastes good, though, once you figure out the logistics.

P.S. I view lists like this with interest, although that’s about all. So, in view of its interest value, thanks to ipse for providing the link.

It’s actually not that ginormous.

As it’s pretty squishable, and collapses just enough that it’s rather easily handled and eaten.

All that said, while we enjoy the Balboa as a nice place to hang out after a trip to the Park, the burgers are indeed pretty good, esp. at that price point (~$8).

The best? Probably not. But it’s a solid burger, and depending on how you top it, for around $10 it’s very satisfying.