Thuan Thoi and Oh Mia Mia Truck (Sugarcane Juice)

This stretch of Brookhurst has some of the best Little Saigon has to offer. Places like Pho 79, Com Tam Thuan Kieu, Phat Ky Mi Ga, Vans, and Brodards.

Thuan Thoi is relatively new compared to the above but deserves to be up there with the best of the best. What started as a small stand in front of a Little Saigon supermarket is now a store that specializes in sugarcane juice.

Front of the store.


To my knowledge there is no other place in Little Saigon serving sugarcane and ____(other).

What makes this place even better is the son, Luke, very friendly and welcoming. Be sure to get a stamp card. Onto the drinks…

Cococane. Sugarcane juice, coconut water, and coconut meat. Very refreshing in taste and temperature. The coconut was nice and tender.

Same as above but with Passionfruit. This added a little tartness.

As you can see you can also get it with Pennywort, Pineapple, or just straight up Sugarcane. I am proud to bring this place some well deserved attention. cough



dude…, i just read that menu as “cocaine”
looks good. Might have to stop by.

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Sounds and looks like a shop by the kids and not their immigrant parents. cuz that for sure isn’t the nuoc mia I grew up with!

Also, inb4 top 10 places to find sugar cane juice in LA

… and you waited 'til December 30th to post this, one of my most welcome posts of the year. This is stupendous news to me, as I am a fiend for sugarcane juice. My everlasting gratitude to you.


Really glad to see this in Viet food. Haven’t tried yet, but seems to be true elevation of something already good…instead of just the usual trend of just making it Instagram “worthy”


I spotted a guy at the Hollywood Farmers Market doing sugarcane. I don’t think it has caught on yet.

Funny how juices is popular now. Well, Latin America has been doing that forever. Highland Park has 3 juice spots before any of those “Juicery” places that yoga mommas go to.

Bone broth? Umm people around the world have been boiling up bones for a long time.

My reaction when I saw the sugarcane juice at Hollywood? What? Been drinking that in front of Chinese and Viet markets since Kris Kross made us wanna jump jump and I couldn’t wear British Knights on my feet and Kings/Raiders on my chest and head while going to school.

Sooner or later.

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My gratitude to your epic Sushi knowledge.
You are like Gandalf riding down the mountain at the end of Two Towers showing us the light

Maybe one day I’ll do a Japan trip and go region to region, city to city, and eat each of their sushi styles, filling my body with dat mercury…


Momma Thuan Thoi is there, go and buy some fruit from her.

You wanna gain HP and respect with the Vietnamese peeps?

Pennywort! Can’t get more real deal Holyfield than that

That’s because those farmer market sugar cane people sell a 16oz bottle for $9

Freshly crushed and still foamy is the best way to consume sugarcane. I don’t get the addition of kumquat juice and all the other crap. WTF?!?!? :confounded:

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a kumquat is a pretty traditional accouterment.

that said I agree with you and prefer mine without.

I think it’s a Vietnamese thing…

i didn’t even know sugarcane juice was a thing outside of VN.

I believe it’s consumed everywhere it’s grown locally.


I’ve been drinking sugarcane juice and gnawing on fresh sugar cane since I was a little kid in both Singapore and Malaysia. Sugarcane juice (and fresh sugarcane) is very common on street side stalls in India too.

i apologize for the sudden urge to wax nostalgic:

many, many moons ago, i went to a club in chicago where, behind the bar, a man with a distinctly
caribbean accent was hacking up a big stalk with a giant machete. i asked him
what the heck, he said sugarcane, and cut me a hunk. he had to explain what to do with it.
i think i still ended up trying to chew the damn thing.

i wish i could say i’ve grown wiser with age.

When I visited Taiwan in my younger days, I used to gnaw of sugarcane stalks bought from street vendors. It was like eating candy and flossing at the same time. Win win.

Hollywood FM cane juice stand has a (similarly high-priced) brick&mortar in EaHo, I believe…