Tickets on sale for Maude white truffle dinner

$375pp. They are doing the ticket system with 18% service included. Comes out to $482.33 per person before beverages.

Actually quite a few prime time seats left.

Big pass for me.

Wow, too rich for my blood.

Thanks for the update.

btw, I passed by Maude around 8pm a few nights ago, and it seemed like there were only two tables taken of the total number of tables.

that was very curious to me.

or maybe the reservations would show up later ???

or they own them for the duration of the evening, i.e. one seating like that other joint ???

WoW! That’s a gigantic jump from the $135 I paid for their fig dinner in August. (it was a wonderful meal).

the price difference between the white truffle month and black truffle month is ridiculous

Understandably so though. Alba truffles are so much more fragrant. And expensive.

Just get your truffles and shave on pasta and butter or something like that? Where’s the spot to get the truffles on their own?

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Wait for the 50% off sale.

Last year:



I don’t think there’s enough White Truffles in that dish. :stuck_out_tongue:

But probably all those for the price of dinner for 2 (1?) at Maude!

I like it that simple way best personally.

Less than dinner for one and that’s 2 full ounces. Goes pretty far with a truffle slicer.

I’m with you. White truffles and egg pasta with butter and a touch of parmigiano. Don’t need anything else…except maybe a nicely aged white burgundy.


Porthos is right on. The truffle slicer is a necessity. And we love to enjoy at home with a simple preparation.

Thought the whites last year were a little lacking, maybe a bad season. Sat next to a the “Truffle Brother” of NY at Brooklyn Fare not long ago who confirmed it was a flat season. Even Alba needs more rain apparently. Then like idiots we scooped up a many truffles we could carry from the 50% Urbani sale at Eataly. Hope the whites are better this year.

LA Funghi sometimes carries truffles at the Farmer’s Market (Alba, Burgundy, Australian). Bought 1/3 ounce for $32 from LA Funghi to top simple house made fettuccine made with Grist & Toll Charcoal Flour and left enough for soft scrambled eggs tomorrow. It goes a long way.

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Like a French chef once instructed me, “Remember, more black than yellow.”

Yes, I like the way the pasta accompanies the truffles.

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